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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy 22 Months :D / No Moose Nielsen, the Sequel

Out on the rocks

Well, it's been another great week here on Cape Breton Island! It's always a good time here :P I will see if I can think up some good stories to tell ya for this week:

The Skyline Trail
Monday: Pday! We were given the charge of taking our Zone Leaders around the Cabot Trail, and it was AMAZING!!! The last time we went we were a little rushed, so we didn't get to see as much as we would have liked, but this week we got to take as much time as we needed to take in all the sights. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! Sadly though, even though we went to all the places where you are "guaranteed" to see a moose, I am still "No Moose Nielsen".... I am trying my hardest to see a moose before I leave Canada, but it's just not working out too well for me... One of these days. But yeah, the Cabot Trail was our entire day. It was fantastic
Also the Skyline Trail
The stairs are not as fun on the way back up....

Over looking the Trail
Tuesday: With the ZL's already up here, we decided to do our exchange with them. I worked with one of them for half of the day, while Elder Täufer worked with the other one, and then we switched. It was quite the day. While I was working in the morning, we ran into an investigator who let us know that she is no longer interested in meeting with us (because she just got baptized into another church...), but she gave us this really awesome referral to a different lady who was super interested in hearing about The Gospel! It was pretty great! We taught her a whole lesson right on her doorstep (because we couldn't go in without a 3rd Priesthood), and she asked us for a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool. The second half of the day was a little less eventful. We helped an older Newfie Lady put in a window AC unit (which took a ridiculously long time, but she gave us Diet Pepsi, so it's all okay... It's a Newfie thing...), and then we went out knocking. It was actually a really cool knocking session. We started a street, and then got some referrals that were close in town, so we just walked over to them, and it turned into a big adventure following the referral trail, and talking to tons of people along the way. It was pretty fun :D After the day was over, we went over to Tim's and got some hot chocolate, and then retired to bed. That was our day.

Gotta do the #selfie face
Wednesday: It was a super long day. We got up early because we had to leave our apartment at 7:00 to make it to New Glasgow for district meeting on time. It's going to be quite the trek going down there for District meeting every week. But, it will be great. Basically our whole day was eaten up with the 6 hours of travel time and the 2 hours of District Meeting and the 1 hour of lunch and all that jazz. We got home just in time to got to Branch Council and then have Correlation with our Branch Mission Leader. It was a long day of meetings. We did get to go out after our meetings and do some Home Teaching. We were just added to the Home Teaching list, and we were assigned 27 families... So that's going to keep us pretty busy.. But it was great. We got to see a good handful of people, so that was great.
This is what Donair looks like

Thursday: We had a bunch of lessons set up, but the fell through... It was a bit of a bummer.. Sorry, nothing too interesting for Thursday. Lots of finding hours though. We had a really awesome institute lesson with Margaret, that was pretty cool. She is one smart cookie! But that's about it.

Friday: Weekly Planning. A bunch of fun, ya know? After that it was another day of going out and finding.. We had supper with our normal Friday night family, I love them to pieces. That was about the extent of our day.

Saturday: We got a call from one of the brothers in the branch asking us to come down and help him with a Project for our Branch President down in Mabu, so we threw all our plans out the window and got to go down and do some service. It was a pretty great day. Lots of Whipper Snipping (Weed Eating), and cleaning stuff up. Good times. We also had a really awesome Fireside that we put together. Some people came over from PEI (A senior couple that I served around while I was there) and they spoke, and it was FANTASTIC! I loved it so much! They called it "The Human Story of Church History" and it was great! 
Sunday: Happy Sabbath! It was a great day. We had Church, and then we had to run out to Eskasoni to do Eskasoni church, and then we ran over to North Sydney to a Dinner Appointment, and then we had to run to New Waterford to dedicate some apartments. It was a long day with a lot of travel. I enjoyed it (If you were wondering, which I'm sure you weren't, we totalled about 225 Kilometres, which is about 140 Miles of travel for the day...) 

Well, that was our week. It was a good one :D

I hope you all had a great week as well! I love your guts!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

Amy (Shu Yao) and I playing Ping Pong

We played Ping Pong for institute :D

Elder Wanlass

Moose warning

What to do if you get attacked by a Coyote 
Pretty optimistic, eh?

The most wildlife we saw out there...

Walking the Skyline Trail

The Cabot Trail

Elder Täufer and I 

Off one of the look out points

Elder Hunt doing the smolder

Danger, big waves :P

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm going to be real here for a second.

Hello Hello!

Well, I'm going to be real here for a second. I really don't have anything exciting or new to write to you guys, so I'm not going to bore you with the details of missionary work this week. It was lot's of finding, and stuff like that. Instead of that, I'm just going to send a couple of pictures that I took with little explanations. 


I love you guys, and I hope all is well. I hope you had a super exciting week, and another one to come!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen
Margaret (Our recent Convert) had a test that she was studying for, so she sent us home with everything that could possibly distract us in her apartment... I had a little fun with her toys. 

Elder Täufer was sneaky and took a picture of me doing a weird face at Canadian Tire. It looks posed, but it totally wasn't.
{from a couple months ago}

This is the Giant Stack of Snow I was standing on a couple of months ago.
And one Smiling.

This picture is pretty much Atlantic Canada summed up in one shot. Glace Bay 

out in Mabu building a Wash House /A lady gave us a bag of Milk, I'm pretty happy about it

May 11/2016
Sometimes, this is just how studies go...

 Hello Family! Well, here we are at Wednesday, a different Pday than normal, but, alas, you are still going to get the same super boring email from me. Sorry, just because days change sometimes, doesn't mean I will :P

Oh, and transfers happened this week. We are both staying put in Sydney, and I'm the District Leader again. That's fun.

Let me see if I can think up anything exciting about our week to tell you;

 A lady gave us a bag of Milk, I'm pretty happy about it.
Monday: It was a sad day. My Little Man Child, Elder Harris was on a plane to Utah. I hear he is doing awesome though, so I'm happy for him. He is going to be great in Utah! Other than that it was a pretty normal pday, and we did all the normal pday things. We had supper with the sweetest little lady, and then we had a Cottage Meeting at a members house. It was pretty great.

Tuesday: Basically Tuesday was just a really long work day. We were supposed to have a teaching appointment, but it fell through, so we just worked all day. We did lots of finding, and got to talk to people, so that was pretty great. But that was about it.

Bag of milk pt. 2
Wednesday: District Meeting. We had to Skype into District meeting in Truro, and that wasn't my favourite thing in the world. But we did it, and it all turned out. Afterwards we had Correlation with our Branch Mission Leader, and then went home to have our Apartment inspected by the Senior Couple. We passed :D After that it was just a long day of work. Good times :P

Thursday: We were all over the place on Thursday. We were supposed to have a teaching appointment in the morning, but it fell through, so that wasn't too fun. After wards, we went out to North Sydney and had a lunch appointment with some members out there. Afterwards we worked in North Sydney and we were able to have a lesson with a less active member out there, so that was pretty good. Later we came back to Sydney and cleaned the Church with a member, and then had institute. It was a pretty good day.

Building a table
Friday: Weekly Planning, and lunch with a member. the Normal Friday activities. We then went on and did lots of finding, and talking to people, and then finished the night with supper with some awesome members. Good stuff!

Building stuff
getting started.
Oh look. We finished the floor.
Saturday: We spent the whole day out in Mabu building a Wash House for the Branch President. We weren't able to get it finished, and it will probably take a couple more trips out there to get it even close, but it was an awesome day. They live in a BEAUTIFUL part of the Island. It was awesome! When we came home, we had a member take us out to get Asian food. It was fantastic.

Sunday: Happy Mothers Day! It was a good day, after church we went and delivered a couple of Mothers Day items to members of the Branch who don't have their own kids. One member invited us to stay for lunch, and then let us skype at their house. They are basically my Mission Parents, I love them. Afterwards we had a supper appointment with a different member, so that was pretty great. It was a good day. I loved getting to see my family! Everyone is so grown up!

Monday: Really, it was just a work day, and nothing exciting happend.

Tuesday: We had a skype call with the Mission President, the assistants, and the new district leaders and zone leaders, and it was basically just to tell everyone what their job is going to be for the next little while. Good stuff. And then we worked for the rest of the day. We had a little mini District meeting with the Senior couple here, but that was it. 

And that puts us at today. I hope I didn't bore you to tears. 

I love you guys so much, I hope you have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen