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Saturday, July 30, 2016


The Curse has been Broken!  On July 18 Elder Nielsen went to a Wildlife Park and caught images of these sad moose in their shed/stalls.....
But scroll further through the photos to see what happened when they visited Meat Cove
(The Northernmost tip of Nova Scotia)
Spoiler - gorgeous scenery and possibly a moose or two ahead!

Moose Selfie

Me with the moose

This is Tina, it was a gift from Margaret when she went back to China


Nametag Pictures

The Making of Nametag Pictures


Quick Stop


Yes, the little spot to the left of the top of my head is the MOOSE

Meat Cove

This really sketchy place in Meat Cove... (THE STORIES ARE TRUE!)

Meat Cove beach

Elder Täufer and I

#Selfie (I didn't realize that the camera was zoomed in...)

Monday, July 18, 2016

No Moose Nielsen Rides Again

The Nova Scotia North Zone. A group of *good looking people :P

*sometimes, sometimes good looking....


I guess I should finally get around to writing a letter to go along with the million pictures that I sent this week. I still have more pictures that I could send, but they are mostly landscapes, and I will save those for another time.

Well, let me see if I can think of anything super exciting for this week:

My Sydney family 
Monday: Cabot trail! It was a great trip, I really enjoyed it. Except for the fact that we didn't see a moose... That was a bit of a bummer. But, it was still a good trip. We hiked the long side of the Skyline Trail, so that was pretty fun. It was a really good hike. I want to bring people back here someday so that they can see how awesome this place really is! Pictures don't do it justice!

Tuesday: Exchanges with the ZL's. That was about as exciting as it got. We helped move all the stuff out of the Pratt's (the senior couple here) apartment. They are gone now! Chugging back to BC. We sure do miss them! Yeah, that was about it. The Hunter's, a really awesome senior couple serving down in Annapolis Royal came up to do the move, and they bought us supper at the Bonnie Prince afterwards, so that was pretty awesome of them!
In the middle of a neighbourhood :P

Wednesday: District Meeting! Yay! Other than district meeting it was a pretty normal work day.

Thursday: We had a teaching appointment set up, but it ended up falling through... that was a bummer. But it gave us more time to get out there and work. So that was good (I forgot to mention earlier, I don't have my planner with me today, so I'm just going from memory here... Sorry!)

Friday: Weekly planning. Lunch with our Friday Afternoon Usual, and Supper with our Friday Night Usual. It was a good time :D

Saturday: Work work work. I had a skype call later in the evening with all the Missionaries that are going home with me this transfer. It was basically President and the Assistants telling us not to die :P It was fun.
Canada Day Picnic

Sunday: Sabbath! We had a really good Sacrament Meeting, super spiritual. Afterwards we went out to Eskasoni for Eskasoni Church... It was a bit of a gong show... I wasn't too impressed with it this week. It was all over the place and crazy... Not our best meeting out there. Afterwards we came home and ate supper (a really awesome lasagna provided by the Relief Society President ((Thanks Bonny!))) And then we went and had a really nice meeting with some members. Overall, it was a pretty good Sabbath.

Welp, that's about all I can remember. Sorry!

I hope you are all doing well! 
I love your guts!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
I don't even know....

My Chinese Sisters :P

Margaret and Elder Täufer

Elder Hunt

Yay Cabot Trail