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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Deadly Ice Weapons

Hello Hello, here we are with another Monday!

I guess I will start out by writing my weekly email, so I don`t forget and not have any time. Good plan, eh? Let's see if I can think up anything exciting that happened this week. (I just remembered something that is kind of exciting... But you are going to have to wait until the end of the letter to find out, because it happened at the end of the week :D) (or you can just read the subject of the letter...)
Shoveling out

Monday: Nothing too exciting on Monday. It was a pretty normal Pday. We never seem to have enough time to actually do anything on Pday, but that's just how it goes... (as I was typing that, I realized that I think I said almost exactly the same thing last week... I'm getting old in the mission, so I repeat myself a lot....) Oh, we got an Oil change, I guess that's different, and kind of exciting... not really, but we can pretend. After Pday we went and knocked on some doors for a little while, and then finished the night by cleaning out the Baptismal Font! Yippie!

Elder L and the Ice
Tuesday: We did a lot of finding in the first part of the day. Gotta find those people who want to hear the Gospel, ya know? When I said the first part of the day, I really meant all day... I just looked at my planner, and that's really all that we did. We had a lesson with Margaret, getting ready for her baptism, and that was about all that we did for the day.

Wednesday: District meeting. Fun times, as always. After district meeting, we had a correlation meeting with the Branch President, and then, you guessed it, went back to finding. Not much actually got done, because we were working on finishing preparations for the baptism. We had Margaret's baptismal interview in the evening, and that took a super long time, but only because of the Language barrier between here and the interviewer. She passed! We got her all set up with a baptismal suit, and basically just got her ready to go :D

Thursday: Lots of finding on Thursday. We had a lesson with Margaret at the Ugly Mug (a little cafe on the CBU ((Cape Breton University)) Campus), and it went really well. Afterwards, we picked up on of the members for Institute, but when we got there, we found out that it had been cancelled. So, we had a little activity, and a spiritual thought, and that was that. That was the end of our day.
Just A Little Snow

Friday: Our day got thrown for a bit of a loop on Friday... We did out weekly planning like usual, and that was fine. We had a lesson out in Glace Bay, and it went really well, we were able to teach two of our investigators at the same time, and it was awesome. While we were in the lesson though, the weather outside decided to turn nasty. A good ol' Canadian NorEaster kicked up outside. It was a full out blizzard. Now this is where that exciting thing that I promised earlier in the letter happened. They say that your mission is chalk full of new exciting experiences, and I guess Car accidents just happen to be one of those experiences. My advice, don't go driving in the middle of a blizzard, you might just not be able to stop your car when you hit the breaks... But good news, everyone is okay, and we didn't do too much damage to the other guys car. So it's all good :) But yeah, those are not my favourite thing in the world... I don't like car accidents! Don't get in them please! Yeah, so basically that just shut down the rest of our day right there. I spent the rest of the night doing paper work, and being happy to be alive :D 
In Case you want to see the damage

Saturday: We spent the whole morning shovelling snow. And when I say the whole morning, I mean the whole morning. We didn't finish up until 1:00 when we had to go to a lunch appointment. And still, there was more we could have done. When they say 25cm of snow, they are lying it was more like 45-50cm! So we shovelled and shovelled and shovelled. But we were not going to let anything stop the baptism! We were determined! Our lunch appointment was awesome! And then we spent the rest of the day preparing for the baptism! We got the font all filled up (with muddy water....) and the chapel all set up... Just to remember that we had forgotten to ask anyone to play the organ, so we made some quick phone calls, and got it all put in order. It turned out really nice. It was an awesome baptism, and I am so happy for Margaret! 
Us and Margaret

Sunday: We confirmed Margaret in Sacrament meeting, which was pretty awesome! I got to do the confirmation, and that was a pretty neat experience! I loved it! It was also the 5th Sunday, or as they call it here "Missionary Sunday", so Elder Lerminez, Elder Beacham, and I all got to speaking in Church. That was pretty fun. I always enjoy getting up and talking to people. It's not too often that missionaries get a captive audience, so I love it when they cant run away!
The Cake that one of the Members made for the Baptism
So, yeah. After Church, Elder Lerminez was not feeling too good, so we went home, and most of our day was spent in the form of a nap. Yes, sorry to burst your bubble, but missionaries are indeed human, and have to take naps sometimes. When he woke up, we went and visited a few people, and that was pretty much it.
All of us and Margaret

So yeah, that was pretty much our week! Exciting, right :P

I hope you all have an incredible week! Love ya!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

I got the sweater grandma knit for me

Margaret likes to be taller than people

US and Margaret again.

And Again!


I'm becoming more Canadian as we speak!

Hey there again! It's another Monday!

Things have been going pretty great this week! Nothing overly exciting, but I will try my hardest to think of something to tell you.

Monday: Pday. For some reason, pday seems to fly by a lot quicker than every other day of the week. We never seem to have enough time to get everything we want done accomplished. But, that's the way it goes. We found a wholesale place to go shopping at, so we bought a whole bunch of bulk candy... Ya know, that's just how missionaries roll! After pday, we had supper with a sweet older lady, and then finished off the day by going out knocking. 

Tuesday: It was a pretty quiet day. We spent most of it out on the street trying to talk to some people. We drove all over Sydney trying to get in contact with some Less Active members, but nobody was around, so we lucked out a little bit on that one. We had a lesson with one of our investigators, and it went super well! She is doing fantastic! After the lesson we went out knocking for a little while.

Wednesday: We spent a lot of time at the church. We had a correlation meeting with our Branch President (because we don't currently have a Branch Mission Leader, so he is filling the role). After the correlations meeting, we had a member come to the church to whip up a meal for all 6 of the missionaries here. While he was cooking, we started the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. It was a pretty good broadcast! I enjoyed it a lot! Afterwards, the meal was done cooking, so we all ate together. Not too long after that, we had Branch council, and that basically took up the rest of the night. The Zone Leaders showed up to do visits with the other companionship (the joys of not being a district leader :D haha)

Thursday: Lots of finding on Thursday. The Zone Leaders were in town, so there were three sets of missionaries working in Sydney instead of just two, so we had to get a little more creative about when and where we were going to be out working. Our lunch appointment had to cancel on us because she was sick, but another member stepped in and fed us :) We had a lesson with one of our investigators, and it was great! Like I said, she is doing fantastic!

Friday: Weekly planning. We had lunch with one of the members. Great family! We met one of our investigators at a cafe for hot chocolate and a lesson. That was fun. We got all of the plans made for her interview this Wednesday, and polished out all the details for her baptism. It's going to be great! We did a lot of finding, lots of street contacting and knocking. We finished up the night with supper at a member's home! They are fantastic people!

Saturday: Street Hockey in the morning! I love hockey.. I'm becoming more Canadian as we speak! Basically after hockey, we just spent the rest of the day finding, so I won't bore you with details.

Sunday: Happy Sabbath! Church was great. Choir was cut short because nobody came, so we sang through it once or twice and then called it a day. Gotta love branch choirs :P We had a really weird mix up, because we were supposed to have a mini district meeting in the afternoon to discuss what the Missionary Broadcast was about, but the other Elders got held up in Eskasoni, so they weren't able to make it on time. So we went to a lesson, and then it got rescheduled for just after our lesson, so not much actually got accomplished. Lots of waiting around, and rescheduling. But the meeting was great when we actually had it. Fun story, we were only able to have a quick lesson with our investigator, but in that time, she put herself on date for baptism at the end of February! So we now have 3 investigators working towards baptism! It's pretty awesome! 

So yeah, that was pretty much my week! I hope everything is going well back with you guys!

Have a great week!