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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

But they have Taco-Poutine!

I Love my new shirt!
Okay, I'm going to be a good Missionary/Son and write the blog letter/letter to mum before I write everyone else, so that I actually have time to write something!

Yeah... So it was an interesting week.... Lots going on, and yet, no so much going on at the same time..... One of those kind of weeks.... I'll see if I can remember anything interesting that happened...
The shirt I bought...Oops
Monday: Nothing overly exciting.... I bought a shirt... I couldn't help it... Ummm...
We had the Elders from Montague here for the day (they needed a place to do dry-cleaning, and Montague is out in the bush, so they had to come to Charlottetown). So that was pretty fun... Other than that, there really wasn't much going on. We did the normal missionary thing, and went knocking later in the evening, so that was exciting :P

Tuesday: Tuesday was just a TON of finding. We didn't have anything set up, so we went out to work. Yeah, that's about it for Tuesday. Exciting, right?

We didn't have a pot big enough, so we had to use a metal bowl to make our Kraft Dinner
Wednesday: We had Zone Conference in Moncton.... That was a gong-show... We were late leaving our apartment, so they Sisters had to wait for us to get to the Bridge before they could go (They had the MacPass, and we needed it to get across), so we finally showed up, and they Sister accidentally went through the wrong terminal, so we had to pay out of pocket to cross the bridge... We were not too happy about that one. We finally got to Zone Conference (almost 30 Minutes late) and everything went fine from there. Wednesday morning I was asked to be part of a Musical Number for Zone conference, so we had all of like 20 minutes to practice during lunch. We stopped and got TacoBell when we were in Moncton... It's not the same over here.... But they have Taco-Poutine! So that was super awesome! We didn't get home until almost 6:00, so after that we had a lesson with some Kind of investigators, and then meetings for the rest of the night.
Here's a lovely picture of Elder Batley

Thursday: I guess the highlight of our day on Thursday was buying Toilet Paper... Nothing much else happened... We spent a lot of time out talking to people. Oh, and we worked at the soup kitchen! I love the Soup Kitchen. 

Friday: Weekly planning, gotta love it. We had a lot of lessons set up with Less Active members, but they all fell though, so that was a bit of a bummer... Not my favourite thing at all... We went and visited a member in the evening, and helped him with his talk that he is going to be giving in church. Fun stuff... That's about it for Friday.

Saturday and Sunday were just a huge blur of mission drama, and stuff that really doesn't matter, so I'm not even going to go there.... 

Yeah, so that's about how my week went. Not overly exciting... 

I love y'all! I hope everything is going well! Don't have too much fun out there! 

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
Zone Conference....

Monday, July 13, 2015

So, at least I'm wearing clean clothes :P

Hey hey hey!
Rollin up in our sunglasses :P
Hello again from Sunny Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island! 

It's been a pretty good week here, and guess what, we got Transfer Letters yesterday.... Drum roll please.... For the first time in almost 8 transfers, NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!! I'm not getting transferred, my companion isn't getting transferred, we aren't getting split up, the sisters are staying put. NOTHING IS CHANGING! It's so awesome! I don't even know what to do with myself. I don't have to worry about me packing, or my comp. packing. It's so awesome! I love it!
Sometimes we actually go out and work :P

So, In other news... Lets see if I can think up some stories:

Monday: It was pretty much a normal Pday... We didn't do anything overly exciting.. Lot's and lots of laundry! So, at least I'm wearing clean clothes :P We had a supper appointment with a couple who live way out in the boonies! It was a really nice scenic drive though. They convinced us when we were leaving to take the scenic route home because "it only adds like 5 minutes to your travel time". That's a lie... More like 35 minutes... We didn't really have much time to do anything else that night. But at least it was an awesome view!

Tuesday: We did a lot of finding. We knocked, we street contacted, we called people, we went and visited Former Investigators... Basically anything we could do, we did it.  We had a lesson with a Recent Convert. He is a pretty great guy. Has a good outlook on life. After that, it was a lesson with a less active (not really less active anymore) family. And then right on back to finding.
The Awesome mural outside a shop here in Charlottetown. 

Wednesday: District meeting, here in Charlottetown, like always. It was a good meeting, lots of great input from the District. We did a lot more finding. And then we had a lesson with one of the Sisters Investigators, that they are giving to us so we actually have someone to teach. That went alright.. We aren't sure of how committed they are right now, so I guess we will see as we keep teaching them. Then we had Correlation with the Ward Mission Leader, but he wasn't there, so it was just Correlation with the Assistant Ward Mission Leader. It was still an alright meeting though. Trying to get things rolling here.

Thursday: Thursday is our Service day. WE street contacted for a while, and then we went to the Soup Kitchen to help out for the day. The lady who runs the place is a saint. She is pretty interested in the gospel, so we are trying to set up an appointment with her. That will be great when we can. We were so late to the Supper appointment that we had... We got out of the soup kitchen late (because we were talking to the lady about setting up a time) and when we walked back to where we normally park the car, we realize that we had walked to the Soup Kitchen, and we were parked back home.... So we had to bolt back to our house (about 1.5 Kilometers away), and then the family lives way out in the bush, so it took us forever to get there.. We felt so bad!
Even the Garden Gnomes here love Hockey

Friday: Weekly planning, and Correlation with the Sisters.... after that all of our appointments for the day fell though, so we ended up doing a lot more finding for the day... It was pretty rough.

Saturday: I spent Saturday in Montague on an exchange with one of the Members of the district. It was kind of a last minute exchange so we left Friday night, and switched back Saturday night. I was expecting to kick back and let the other missionary lead out his area, but that wasn't really the case. So, We did lots of work, and even ran into a couple of crazy people... It was super fun!

Sunday:  Church. Great as always. We  went out and talked to a lot of people (that's kind of the reoccurring theme here, we talk to a TON of people). Then we had supper with an awesome family. It's always great to dine with Americans :P There are actually a couple of families in our ward from Utah... I don't know what drives people to move to PEI from Utah, but there are a couple here. The sisters called us and asked us to give one of their investigators and her son a blessing, so we went over and did that for them. It was incredible, the spirit was so strong there, I can't even believe it! I am so thankful that she asked us to do it!
The Ghetto air conditioner that we made (They don't have air conditioning here because you would only have to use it for 2 months out of the year, so it's not really worth it... But it's super hot and humid!)

Well, that's about it for this week... I can't think of much else going on. I will let you know if I forgot anything next week :P
See this? This is called a "Chub". Do you know what a chub is? It's a log of Bologna.... This is how they sell Bologna here... In giant logs! It's crazy!

I love you all, and I hope you have an awesome week! 

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen





Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Montague Day! Oh, and 4th of July!

Hey hey hey! Sorry I didn't get a letter off to you last week! I had like a million emails, and I spent too much time reading that I didn't have enough time to respond! (Really, not a bad problem to have!)

It's been a pretty good week! Nothing overly exciting, but not terrible either, so I will see if I can think up anything great for you.

My new friend Toby
Monday: We started our exchange. I went to Moncton, New Brunswick for the day to work with the Zone Leader. I was super strange having an exchange on Pday....I don't like that... But, they opened up a Cabella's in Moncton, so I had to buy myself a new friend.... I am weak! His name is Toby, and I love him! Also, we went shopping at Costco in Moncton, and that was the first time I've been in a Costco in so long! It was crazy (and if you think Costco pizza and hotdogs are great, you should try Costco Poutine! It's prime!) After Pday was over, we went and actually did some missionary work. We taught a lesson, and then had a leadership skype call that the Zone Leader had to get to, so that was pretty much our day.

Tuesday: Still in Moncton... We did a lot of finding, and then taught a lesson. We had MLC with the new Mission President, President Pratt... He is pretty cool! He is super laid back! It's strange... But I like it. We finished out the night by driving down to Amherst, Nova Scotia to stay the night with the Elders there for Zone Conference in the Morning. 

Wednesday: Zone Conference in Amherst... (Oh and CANADA DAY!!!!!) That was a bad choice having it in Amherst... It's only a stage 1 building, so it's super small! trying to shove 25 companionships, plus senior couples, it was tight! It as a good training, and everyone enjoyed meeting the new mission president. After Zone Conference we drove back to Charlottetown and didn't get home until about 6:30pm... We went and taught one of the sisters investigators with them, and that went well. That was about our whole night :D

Thursday: Back to work. We put a ton of finding hours in, trying to make up for everything that I missed being out of my area for a while. It's not so much fun having no clue what is happening in your own area! But we got back on track, and life is good :D
This is Elder Shambrook, from Wales. I did an exchange with him here in Charlottetown.

Friday: Weekly planning. Not much to plan for, because we don't have any investigators at the moment, but we are working on it, and it is coming along. We will find people! We did lots of finding, and then had correlation with the Sisters, and then right back out to finding. The less-Active member that we were going to have a lesson with didn't show up, so that wasn't so fun... But, we aren't letting that hold us down! It's going to be great!

Saturday: Happy Montague Day! Oh, and 4th of July! We did 12 week with the new sister in the area. She is pretty solid! After that we had a pretty full day. We had lessons with a couple of less active memebers, and we taught one of the sister investigators, I guess they wanted to have the Elders Come over, so that was interesting.... The Investigators mother in law was there, and she was super contentious, and kept taking little stabs at us... I did't so much enjoy that. We finished up the night with another less active lesson.

Sunday: Church was good. I love fast Sunday's in a ward that isn't crazy! People actually know how to bear their testimony! We started a new project where we went though all of our old knocking records, and found all of the people who said they were interested, but who don't have a former record or potential record, and we are going to go talk to all of them. We found 47 addresses, so hopefully at least 1 is interested! It hasn't yielded any fruit yet, but I have faith! We finished off by going to the YSA Family home evening. The YSA are crazy! We played spoons. Or, they played spoons, while I made phone calls to my district trying to collect all of their #'s for the week... That is my least favourite part of my job! 

That awkward moment when that is the French flag.....
(It was 4th of July Make Up from a package sent to him by his mom)

My New CHM T-shirt!

That's about all that happened this week! I don't think I have too much else to add. Maybe next week. 

I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen