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my card

Monday, October 26, 2015

It was a pretty good day if you ask me :D

Three Piece Suit Papi Sent Me

Alrighty, so here we are again, time to think up a letter to send this week. I'm really not too good at this... Sorry...

Let's see what I can think up for this week:

Monday: It was a pretty normal pday.. We went shopping, had a lesson with a lady, who we might meet with again sometime in the future. We shall see. We emailed, and did the normal pday things. Nothing overly exciting. After we were done we went out and got back to work. 

Tuesday: It was a pretty normal proselyting day. We went street contacting in the morning, and then did some family history. We did service at the Yarmouth Archives, and then tried to hunt down some of our Less Active YSA. We had supper with some members, went knocking, and had a lesson with a less active member over skype.
Wednesday: We went out to Annapolis Royal for district meeting and ended up staying for a while to do service for some members out there. We actually stayed out there for a lot of the day, and then got some AWESOME pizza from a place called "Sunken Dory's" good stuff! We didn't get back to Yarmouth until about 5:30 and then got to work and went out to find some people. 

Purple Sweater, Tie and Socks - we had a purple day.
Thursday: A lot of going out and talking to people. We had supper with some members, and then spent most of the evening helping Joey move his stuff from his old house to his new one. Not too much exciting on Thursday....

Friday: We had to put off Weekly Planning for a few hours because we went and did service to a lady in the ward. She has a pack of coyote/Wolf hybrids living in the woods behind her house, so she sent us into the back yard to hunt down what they had killed and bag it up so they wouldn't come back for it. We weren't able to find the kill, but they are definitely living back there! We then did our weekly planning. Fun as ever. We had supper with a family of members, they are so much fun! We finished up the night by, again, trying to go find people to talk to.

Saturday: We went down to Barrington to do some work out there. We had lunch with a member who lives out there, and then hunted down some former investigators. No real luck down there. We had to come home early because we were asked to set up the projector for the broadcast of Stake Conference. We got everything set up, just in time to find out that we didn't have the password for the laptop that one of the members left for us to use. It's a good thing nobody but us showed up, because we just ended up watching it on the desktop in the clerks office!
We took all of the coupons, cards, and an lds living pamphlet
and cut out all the faces and made a nice picture, we are alittle strange...

Sunday: Stake conference. We had a pretty good turn out. We spent the rest of the day visiting some shut-ins and sick people. It was a pretty good day if you ask me :D

Well, that puts us as today... Nothing too exciting planned for today, but I will let you know next time if anything happens. 

Love y'all. Have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

The little bit of snow we got last week.



#throwback to last winter...


Monday, October 19, 2015

Crazy in the best possible way

We went knocking in the rain and got a little wet...
Alright, I was a bit of a worm this week, and put off writing this letter until the last second.

Okay, so.. I can't really think of anything exciting this week.. Let's see

Monday: Thanksgiving! We did our usual Pday stuff, and then went to a members house to help him with some yard work. We had supper with them, which was fantastic. We went to Empty Nesters, which is basically Older people FHE and gave a spiritual thought. That was pretty much our day. 

Tuesday: Nothing too exciting on Tuesday.. We did lots of finding. We started doing service at the Museum Archives here, so that is pretty interesting. Basically I just get to pour over books for a couple of hours and try to find information about lost ships. It's fun stuff. We had supper with some members from the branch, smoked Haddock :D We finished the night by going out to stay over in Annapolis Royal

Wednesday: We had Zone Training pretty much all day. Lots of travel back and forth. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Annapolis Royal to Halifax, and then another 3.5 hours to drive from Halifax to Yarmouth. It makes for a pretty long day. Not a lot of time for finding...

Thursday: Lots of Finding time. That 's pretty much all we did. We had supper at a members house (The same member who fed us for Thanksgiving). Good stuff.

Friday: Weekly planning. After that it was a day of going out and trying to find people to work with. We had supper with a potential investigator. She is a sweet lady, but we don't think we are going to be teaching her... too bad. 

Saturday: We spent a lot of the day out helping Joey move stuff from his old house into his new one, and getting things organized. It was a pretty productive day for that kind of stuff, right up until it started raining... That was a bit of a bummer... We had supper with our Branch President. His children are crazy, and I love them. Crazy in the best possible way that is :D

Sunday: Happy Sabbath :) Pretty Uneventful day.. Nice and calm :D

That's about it. It snowed last night... barely even a tiny powdering of it, but it snowed... That means winter has begun.. It's all down hill from here, :D

I love ya'll, and I hope you are having a good week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

Our Bushwhacking Adventure

Alrighty, Letter writing time again!
The Selfie Face

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It seems like just about every six weeks I start my letter the exact same way... It's a new transfer, therefor a new planner, which means I left my old planner in my desk drawer, and that means I have no clue what I actually did because I have no brain.... So, I will see what I can actually remember about this week....

Monday: It was a pretty normal Pday. We didn't have really anything to do, so we went and played tennis... Just so everyone knows, I am dreadful at tennis... So yeah... That was fun! After Pday was over, it was back to doing missionary work :D

Tuesday: I am trying super hard, but for the life of me I cannot think of what we did on Tuesday... Sorry!
Wednesday: We Skyped in to District Meeting. It was Mini-Meeting, so there really wasn't any point in driving almost two hours for a meeting that was barely an hour long, so we just Skyped in.  After that it was a good day of going out and talking to people.. Nothing too interesting

Thursday: Again, a day of going out and finding people. We also had a Supper appointment with an awesome family (And they actually said that they found my blog, so HI VEINOTS!). After that, it right back out to knocking.

Friday: Weekly planning. After that... Your guess is as good as mine.. oops...

Saturday: It was probably the longest, busiest day ever... We had nothing really set in stone, so we just went out and worked. Pavement pounding for days! We got to meet a couple of people, and we set up some appointments for this coming week, so that's going to be great! 

Our bushwhacking adventure ended up at the ocean... who knew?
Sunday: It was pretty great. Joey was confirmed and Ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood, which was AWESOME! He is doing so great, and I'm so stoked for him to keep doing awesome things. We took the Sacrament to some older people, and visited some less active members. Fun story; We went knocking later in the evening, and we went up what we though was a driveway, and ended up bushwhacking it through the woods, and a swamp only to end up at the ocean... Not a driveway... Oops... So yeah... That was pretty much our day. 

So yeah... That puts us here at Thanksgiving. So HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Hope you all have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

And one smiling, just for you Mum :D



Monday, October 5, 2015

Lots of General Conference and Candy!

Alright, So, first things first, Blog Letter. That is always an important thing to do.

Yeah... So, Hi :D

Things have been kind of crazy lately. All over the place and crazy, but good, always good.
I will see if I can make up some fun stories for you!

Monday: Pday, like every week. Nothing overly exciting. We cleaned our apartment. That's always good. Now my Mom can walk in there, and I wouldn't be completely embarrassed, so I feel like that is a pretty good standard to live by. After Pday was over, we went out knocking for an hour, and then had a lesson with Joey for the last part of our day, getting him ready for Saturday :D
A Yarmouth Sunset

Tuesday: We did lots of finding on Tuesday. We did just about everything that you could possibly qualify as finding people to teach. Nothing new so far. But, that's okay. We will find people. Again, we ended the night with a lesson with Joey. He is such a great dude, let me just telly you that!

Wednesday: We were in Annapolis Royal for District meeting. Like always, a super fun time. We then did the hour and forty five minute travel back, and got back to work in Yarmouth. Oh, also it was Elder Ashby's Birthday, I guess that is kind of an important detail.... Birthday's are pretty boring on the Mission. Just like every other day. We did have his Birthday supper with a member family. They fed us creamed lobster. Let me tell you, that is probably going to be something that I miss the most about the Meritimes. Lobster. It makes for a happy Elder Nielsen. We were supposed to have a long lesson with Joey, but he got stuck in traffic coming back from Halifax, so we had a twenty minute quick lesson, and set up a lesson for the next morning. 

Thursday: We had an AwEsOmE lesson with Joey, and finished up all of the lessons, so he was ready to go! After the lesson, we went out and did some more finding, and we were supposed to meet with some members, but it fell through. Thursday night was Joey's Baptismal interview, and he passed with flying colours! That was pretty much how we spent our day.

Scrubbing out the font
Friday: Weekly planning got condensed to a really short amount of time because we had a whole bunch of stuff we had to get done, like clean the font and set up the chapel for Conference the next day. The first Friday of the month is Movie Night for the branch, and we watched The Saratov Approach... That was exactly what I needed to watch as a missionary... Haha! 

Saturday: Lot of General Conference and Candy. Let me say, I love Conference. It is so awesome :D After the Saturday Afternoon Session, and before the Priesthood Session, Joey got baptized. It was so awesome. I am so happy for him! He is such an amazing person.
After Joey's Baptism (I didn't get a picture with him in white,
 I had to play prelude....)
He was so happy! He has to wait until next Sunday to get confirmed because of Conference, but that's alright. He is so happy. A lot of his immediate family came, and they were awesome at supporting him. They are all Catholic, so the support meant a lot to him. 

Sunday: Transfer letters. I'm staying in Yarmouth with Elder Ashby, so nothing exciting there. And then Conference! That was basically our whole day. We did go to a Wesleyan church service. That was interesting.  All I'm going to say. But yeah, that was about it.

So there ya go, that was my week!

I hope you all are doing well, have a fantastic week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen


Standing in front of the "Nova Star", the ferry that runs between Portland, Main and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia



I love that book. It makes me happy.

Letter from 9-28-2015

I guess I should write a letter this week, I have been slacking pretty hardcore... My bad.

This week was pretty great, not going to lie. Things haven't necessarily been easy, but they have been good! I guess I will start with Monday, and see if I can actually use my brain to remember things, haha!

Monday: Pday. There isn't much to do in Yarmouth on Pday, so I took the liberty of going through the Area Book a couple of days in advance and trying to set up some lessons. Only one actually worked out, but he wasn't really all that interested. He has been meeting with missionaries on and off for a long time, but wasn't really willing to act on it. So, I guess that's that. We spend most of our Pday emailing now because we only have one working computer, and it takes forever and a day, so that's about all we do. I know, super exciting. So, once Pday was over, we went out and pretended to be missionaries for a little while :P

Tuesday: It was a long day of trying to find some people to teach. Lots of knocking on doors and talking to people on the street. Not too much success... But that's okay, we will find someone! 

Wednesday: District Meeting in Annapolis Royal (it's about and hour and forty five minutes form Yarmouth) Good times. After the meeting and another almost two hours of travel, we got to have a meeting with our investigator. He is doing fantastic! (I will tell you more when I get to Friday), but we had a fantastic lesson with him. We set up an appointment with someone in the Area Book, but when we got there, he didn't show up... that was a bit of a bummer, but, it's all good! We were supposed to go to Branch Council, but it turns out we had written down the wrong time, and we showed up just as the meeting was ending... oops. So we spent the rest of the night looking for someone to teach.

Thursday: Again, lots of finding. We went and read the Book of Mormon with some Semi-Active members. Can I tell you,  That's about all I can say. It makes me happy.  Other than that, back to pounding the pavement. 

Friday: Weekly planning. We actually had a really interesting weekly planning session. We texted out investigator to try and get an appointment set for the next week, and ended up setting up a baptism for October 3rd! We are super pumped for him! He is such a great guy! (He has actually become friends with the man that I baptized in Sackville, so they have been talking a lot!) It's going to be awesome! In the evening we had an Elders Quorum activity where we went out and played Baseball and had a BBQ, that was pretty fun. We had to duck out a little early because we had a lesson with some less active members. So, I would say Friday was a pretty good day :P

Saturday: We were supposed to be going out to a village out in the boonies, but all of our appointments out there cancelled on us, so we decided to save the Kilometers, and stay in Yarmouth. So, we basically were finding all day. That was fun :P

Sunday: Church (always great).  I was thinking about it, and it's going to be super weird coming home to huge church buildings... The church we have here in Yarmouth is tiny! For any Pugh's or Costello's or Nielsen's reading, the church is the size of the Alton House if you were to tack a little hallway onto the back. It's pretty fun!  We spent the day visiting members who are homebound, so that's a fun Sabbath activity :D

So, yeah, that was my week! 

I can't really think of anything else to add on, so I love you all, and hope you have a fantastic week.

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen