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Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Week Gone

Hello all,

Well, It's already Monday again. How crazy is that? I honestly feel like I was just here writing my last letter to y'all! Time is a crazy thing on a mission. I've only been out for 2 weeks, and it feels like 2 days and 22 months all at the same time! 

This week has been a crazy week in the work of The Lord. We have met so many people, and picked up 3 new investigators in 3 days! Things are sure starting to pick up around here! Sackville is the place to be in Atlantic Canada right now :D

There are some people that you work with who you just know are going to leave a lasting impression on you, and there are times when it is impossible not to she The Lords hand in your life. Both of these things came together in our newest investigator, Theresa. She has had so many problems in here life, and the story of how she came to meet with us in totally unreal. God works in crazy ways my friends.

The weather here cant make up its mind. The other day it was cold and rainy and maybe like 18 degrees (64.4) outside, and today it has been all sunshine. I think it even got up to like 26 degrees (78.8), so that's pretty warm when you are wearing a suit! The nights are starting to cool down, which means within the next two weeks I'm probably going to have to go shopping for some cold weather gear. I'm just praying I don't get transferred to Newfoundland for the winter months, that would be awful!

It's been difficult for me trying to get to know everyone in the ward. Because there are only a set of Sisters and a set of Elders per ward, you are expected to know everyone! And I mean, not just know every one, you are expected to know everything about their lives! I'm not that social of a person yet, I don't know how to just go up to some one and ask for their entire life story... Maybe that is a skill that comes with time.

I got to help clean the temple today. THAT WAS SO COOL! I loved it so much. I would hate to do it all the time, but it was cool to do it once. It takes so much work to keep the temple clean, and we only have a tiny temple out here, I can only imagine what it takes to keep one of the really big temples clean!

Missionary work is crazy. I am tired all the time. ALL THE TIME! Even when you take naps, or sleep well, it doesn't matter, you are still going to be very, VERY tired. I guess you just have to get used to working in a perpetual state of sleepy.... I'm not very good at it yet. Elder Blum has started calling me the Space Cadet because I get tired and space out... oops....

I about exploded when I found out about Tara's Mission call, CONGRATS!!!! I'm so excited! She is going to be the best missionary, and y'all can quote me on that ;)

 I think that is every thing for this week. I don't know what else to say. It's crazy here. Insane. Nuts, coocoo for cocopuffs.... But I love it! I wouldn't trade this time for any thing! 

Have a fantastic week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?

Elder Jeffry Nielsen

Monday, August 18, 2014

First week

In Provo dropping Jeff off at the MTC
Missionary work is CRAZY!

This has honestly been one of the most insane weeks of my life. Since the day I got here, it has been go, go, go, nonstop. There is just so much that has to be done. Our phone is always ringing, and we are constantly running from place to place. It's great!

I left the MTC on Tuesday morning at 6:10, and after a long day of planes and trains and cars, I finally got out of the Halifax airport at about 2:30 Wednesday Morning.

With our teachers the last day at the MTC
Wednesday was an interesting day. after finally going to bed at about 3:10, we got to sleep in until 6:55. It was fantastic! It was such a long day of getting all of the logistics out of the way. It was just hours of orientation meetings, and training videos. At about 5:00 we were picked up by some missionaries that we were going to be working with for the day, and we went out street contacting. That is such a weird experience, but I'm going to have to get used to it. It's so strange approaching people like that. But I guess that is just the life of a missionary.. Wednesday night we spent in the mission home too, because transfers are on Thursdays around here.
The group of 18 Missionaries that arrived August 12 - or early August 13th
Thursday morning we got up at 4:15 so we could all get showered, packed, and be out the door leave for the mission office by 6:15. We got to the mission office, and waited for a while to be told what to do. Transfers don't happen until later in the afternoon, so we were assigned a temporary companion to work with, and were sent out to work. There is so much driving in Canada. Everything is so spread out! After forever of driving, we made it to the Eastern Passage around Halifax, go out and did a little door knocking. Honestly, that is so much worse than street contacting.
 But I figure with enough time, I'll get a little less awkward with that, and be able to kick some serious butt! Finally we went back to the Mission home, and I was given my real companion... Drum roll please... Elder Blum! He is a great guy, and I'm really happy I get to work with him. He has only been out for 6 weeks himself, so it's an interesting ride, but I love the guy, it's great! We had one dinner appointment, and one teaching appointment that night, so there was no settling in at the apartment, it was just get up an go!
So Much Ocean.....
Friday was another fun day.  We did all of our personal studies, went out to take on the world. I got to meet some of our less active members, and there are some interesting people we get to work with... I really don't know where to even start with some of the people we work with, honestly the best I can give is that they are... Interesting... That is really the best I've got for ya.

Saturday was probably the most insane day ever. We were bouncing from appointment to appointment like we do, and we go a phone call from one of the men we had been working with. His 19 year old son had beaten him up and he had been in the hospital all day. We then had to make time in our schedule to go and deal with a domestic abuse situation... That was strange.. Not something I ever dreamed I would have do do out here. But, I guess we go where The Lord needs us to. Then I got to meet the strangest one yet. He was very good at telling me all of my flaws, and then letting me know that I am perfect just the way I am, because I am who God wanted me to be... That was a weird visit. 
Picture for our Mission FB page

Sunday. Finally Sunday. The day of rest. Unless you are a missionary, then Sunday is optimal finding time. So many meetings to attend, and people to get to know. Church was a freaking battle field. Apparently even when you have missionaries in your ward every week, it's still a novelty to have them around. EVERYONE wants to talk to you, or introduce themselves, or give you something. Its so crazy!

Honestly, this week has been one of the weirdest, hardest, most fun adventures of my life. I'm so pumped for the next 2 years! Even when the hard times come, you just have to have faith in The Lord and keep moving. This too shall pass. It's going to be awesome!!!

Have an awesome week everyone. 

Don't do drugs, stay in school, only you can prevent forest tires. Hockey Hockey, Moose Moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry, eh?

Elder Jeffry Nielsen

PS. Canadians do not say Eh? all the time... That is a myth. I learned that yesterday in Ward Council. The amount of times I heard the phrase "Stupid Americans" Thrown around... Insane.... 

Love yall :D

Friday, August 8, 2014

Week #2

Elder Nielsen tried to send pictures, but was unable to get them to send this week - hopefully next week! - He must of found some magic - after I posted this the pictures started coming through.  To see the rest of what he sent click on the "Photos" Link on the lower right side of the page.

Hey There!!!
Classroom Selfie - apparently this is his "Selfie Face"

Well, One week completely finished! 

Where to even start with this week? So much has happened, but now that I'm sitting down to think about it I feel like I haven't done anything.... 

This week has been the most crazy emotional roller coaster ever. When you are up, you are so high up, but when you are down, you are in the lowest point ever. It's great though, even on your good days you will find bad things, and even on the bad days there is so much good. You really cant label a day good or bad, they all just are. (Yeah, I'm super deep now :P)

I went to the temple today! The Provo temple is so amazing! So freaking beautiful!!! I just had to tell you that.

I got to start teaching my first investigator yesterday. We have had plans to teach here since Monday, but she wasn't showing up to the meetings. So we went to our meeting yesterday, and were told that she is actually a skype investigator, and we had been standing her up all week... oops. That was just a really bad communication error.

So, I leave on August 12! I leave Salt Lake at 11:03 and get to Halifax at Midnight, so that is going to be a super long trip... but I'm excited it's going to be awesome!

Oh, so my district loves you, Mom. The packages you have sent have been our life source :D
My District

I really can't think of anything else that has happened this week.... Lots and lots of studying and sitting in a classroom. That never gets old... But hey, you have to learn somehow, right?

I'm SO EXCITED TO HEAR THAT ANNIE IS ENGAGED!!!! I about exploded in the dorm room when moms letter said that Annie had some "News" for me. I knew right away what it was going to be, and I was so freaking pumped! Congrats Annie and Scott!!!!

I'm going to send pictures as soon as I go buy an SD card reader from the book store. This stupid computer doesn't want to read my card, and I accidentally brought a phone charger instead of my camera cord. (sorry to whomever I took that from...)
Me with Elder F

Also, If you haven't read Alma 42, do it. Do it now!

I guess that's pretty much all for this week, I love you all so much! 

Elder Nielsen

PS, I am totally down for anyone wanting to send me packages or letters or anything, and I believe that my address is somewhere on the blog, so don't be shy, feel free to just send whatever your heart desires. :D But really, mail is a good thing.... Love you :D
Minionary Selfie

From the "Minionary" Package mom sent

From the MTC

Friday, August 1, 2014

Carrying Out the The Family Profession

Hey There!!!!
Wow... I've only been here three days and it has seriously been the craziest three days of my life! Seriously, you never, EVER slow down here!!! You go and go and go, and at night it feels like you get a quick nap before you start going again.... But It's great, I love it
So, What have I done so far? It's so hard to remember because time has blended together into one huge MTC smear (I say that in a good way)...
Within 20 minutes of being dropped off, I was already sitting in a classroom being introduced to the whole MTC experience.
My whole district is pretty awesome. There are six of us. There is myself, my companion Elder Steimlie, Elder Walker, Elder, Densley, Elder McGuire, and Elder Allsop. And for the life of me I couldn't tell you any of their first names :P
Last night I was selected by president to be District Leader, so thats pretty great... Basically I'm a mail man... I'm carrying out the family profession!
I saw Elder Siolo yesterday and I about exploded! I was so awesome! It's impossible to call him Elder Siolo instead of Jacob... But I guess I'll get used to that eventually. It was great to see a familiar face. He already speaks so much of his language!!!
With Elder Siolo

Classes have been pretty great! We started teaching our first "investigators", Rebekah and Joe, (They are our teachers) yesterday, and that has been pretty amazing! It's awesome how much I've learned in the three days I've been here. I feel like every second has some sort of teaching and learning moment that helps me grow.
It is really hard to believe that I have only been here for three days. I feel like they have been the fastest, slowest three days of my life! I don't know how people can possibly make it through 12 weeks here, I would probably explode!
I have been doing really well. I haven't been homesick at all, there just isn't any time for that :P
Well, I got my travel plans today! I leave the MTC on August 12th, so only 11 more days! I hope time picks up the pace a little bit, haha.
I'm so sorry there aren't any pictures this week... I really haven't had time to take too many pictures, and I forgot to bring my cord to upload the ones I did take. Oops... But you can totally expect a ton of pictures next week:P
I Love you all so, so much! I can't even say how much!
I know that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, and I know that the church is true, there is absolutely no way to deny that!
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Elder Nielsen