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Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter from April 4

This is me with Margaret a few weeks back. She was filming something to send home to her dad
Well, I guess this is awkward, Wednesday was the last time I wrote, so I don't think there has been much to fill you in on since then, but I will see if I can imagine up anything super exciting for the week. (Also, I don't have my planner from Last Transfer, so I will see what I can actually remember.)

Monday: It was a normal work day because we had Pday on Friday. The new transfer schedule is weird. We went and did lots of street contacting, and knocked on some doors. We had a supper
appointment with a sweet older lady, and then finished the night with some area book work.

Tuesday: It was pretty much a normal work day. We went and did all the normal missionary work stuff, we knocked on doors and talked to people, and all that jazz. At 5:00 we got our transfer letters and found out that Elder Lerminez was getting Transferred to Summerside, PEI, and I would be staying here in Sydney to train a new missionary. Afterwards we had and hour long district meeting, and then the senior couple here took us out to get Blizzards at Dairy Queen (a little ironic with the weather we have been having lately)

Wednesday: Well, it was Pday, and Elder Lerminez was getting transferred, so we had to take time for him to finish up packing and getting ready to go. We had a lesson in the middle of the day with one of our investigators, and she is doing great! She had a really cool experience reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and she says that she knows it's true :D I'm excited for her! We said goodbye to Margaret, and then got all of Elder Lerminez's stuff packed into the car, and travelled down to Truro to stay the night with the Elders there.

Thursday: Transfer day. We got up Early because we had to be at the meet up point by 7:30 for the Transfer Van. We got there, dropped Elder Lerminez off at the van, I picked up Elder Harris got back in the car and started the eternal journey back to Sydney. We had just passed Antigonish when we got a text from our Zone Leaders asking if we could stop in New Glasgow on our way in because they had to give us our insurance cards for our cars (which are kind of important), so we drove back into Antigonish, and waited for the New Glasgow Elders to come and meet us there. After almost an hour, we were back on the road headed to Sydney. We got back to Sydney at about 1:00, ate lunch and then were able to get out and go to work. We pretty much worked the rest of the day, and then went to institute that night.

A brief Bio about my new compaion: His name is Elder Harris (Elder Patrick Harris if you want to stalk him on Facebook), and he is from Fort MacLeod, Alberta (making my 3rd of 12 companions to be Canadian). He is a pretty cool guy. He is 20, so he came out a little later, and he is a lot more mature than an 18 year old greenie, so I like it!
This is the #Hallelujah booth out on the street :D

Friday: Weekly Planning. It was a little longer than usual, just because we had to go through all the explanation and what not, but it was a really good planning session. We had our lunch, and then Went out to work. We got to try a bunch of different things for Friday. I can't actually remember everything that we did, but I know we went out knocking in the rain and got soaked. It was fun stuff. Haha, we knocked into a psychic medium, that was pretty funny! She gave us her weather predictions. It was pretty much the most hilarious part of the night.

Saturday: We did service in the morning for a member, and then GENERAL CONFERENCE! Yippie! I love conference. Then we went and had lunch, and and did some other stuff, and then went back for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! And then we had supper, and did 12 week training, and then more GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It was a good day.

Sunday: We went to a Pentecostal church in the morning, that was pretty fun! And then, you guessed it, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! And then we got our area book, called some people to remind them about GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! and then did our 12 week training. Then we watched the last session of GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I loved conference this time around. It was so powerful, and I learned a lot of awesome things! 

So yeah, that was basically our week. Sorry it was kinda lame, haha!

I wish I had some cooler things to tell you, but I don't.... So, that's all you are getting. 

I love your guts, and hope you have a great week.

Hockey hockey, Moose Moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

Last weeks letter

This is the only picture I have for this week. It's me be attacked by one of those wild Canadian tree walruses

April 18, 2016
Hello Hello!

Look at that, Abracadabra, it's Monday again! It goes way too fast, it's not even funny! I guess I will see if I can think up anything super exciting to tell you guys for this week. (I forgot my planner at home today... That is happening more and more lately... I need to stop to do that....)

Monday: Pday. We played street hockey with some people and that was pretty fun. I'm getting pretty good at street hockey, so I'll have to bring it home with me. Other than that, it was a pretty normal pday. Nothing too exciting.

Tuesday: We were still being taxied around by the other Elders because they car fixing place lied to us, and didn't have our car ready when they said they would, so that was a bit of a bummer. But, we made it around and got to talk to some people, so that wasn't too bad. 

Wednesday: Basically we just spent the entire day in meetings. We had our district meeting, followed by lunch, and then a correlation meeting, and then we had to go pick up our car, and then we had to to 12 week, followed by a little bit of time to proselyte, and then supper, and Branch Council, and then correlation with the branch mission leader. We basically were in meetings the entire day.

Thursday:  Basically a normal day of work. Lots of talking to people and stuff like that. Nothing too exciting.

Friday: Weekly planning. Lots of talking to people, and trying to get stuff done. Nothing too exciting for the day. We hunted down one of our investigators that had disappeared off the face of the earth, that was pretty great. We are meeting with her again, YAY!

Saturday: We were out looking for people all day. We knocked on the door of some Former investigators, and there 40 year old daughter answered the door and told us that they were dead... So yeah, that was awkward. But, yeah. We got to talk to lots of people, so that was good. We played street hockey again, and then finished the night with supper at a members house.

Sunday: Sabbath. Good meetings. We had a lot of lessons with recent converts and Less acitve members, so that was really great. Other than that, it was a pretty relaxing day. 

Well, that was our week. I hope you all had a great one!

Love ya!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

I love Hockey, I hope you know that.

The District

Hello, so this week is going to be a short letter, because we are going on the Cabot Trail for Pday, and we have to get going like ASAP if we are going to make it back before midnight! (We are going to visit less active members, and some referrals, so it will be a Pday mixed with a work day.) I'm pretty excited to head out, I hear the Cabot Trail is pretty awesome!
Elder Harris at the Computer

So yeah, I will see if I can think up any exciting stuff from our week for you;
I found a bunch of Lady bugs :D

Monday: Pday, it was pretty good, we had to rush everything that we were doing so that we could make it back for a supper/teaching appointment at 4:30 with some members, so that was fun. The mission is doing this initiative with the members called "GatorAid", so that's pretty interesting. Afterwards, it was right back to work, knocking on doors and doing the missionary thing :)

Tuesday: It was a long work day. That is pretty much all we did. Lots and lots and lots and lots of work. It was awesome! We have a lot of appointments set up for this next week, so we are hoping that they turn out!

Wednesday: We pretty much had a long day of meetings. All our district meetings, and correlation meetings and what not. It was pretty tiring. We had a going away party in the evening for one of our YSA who is moving back to Halifax to go to the YSA branch there. We are sad to see him go! Yeah, that was pretty much our day.
This is Elder Taufer, he is a little crazy

Thursday: We helped take the YSA's luggage to the bus stop first thing in the morning, and then right after that, it was back to work. We put in a lot of hours on Thursday. It was a pretty good day. We were supposed to have a lesson, but the lady got sick, so it didn't turn out..
This is how I look when all our appointments fall through.

Friday: Weekly planning. We also had lunch with a member (Donair Pizza :D) Followed by, you guessed it, lots more work hours. We had a GatorAid appointment in the evening, and that was about it.

Saturday: It was a pretty relaxed day. We worked in the morning, and then went and played street hockey with some members (and non members that showed up) It was a fun game. I love Hockey, I hope you know that. If I had had hockey back home, that would have been pretty cool. After Hockey we went to a couple of appointments that we had set up, but they all fell through... It was one of those days... And to finish it up, we had supper with our awesome Saturday regulars :D

Sunday: We had church, which was awesome! A lot of members who hadn't been to church in a  long time showed up, none of it was scheduled with each other, it was just out of the blue they all decided to come to church on the same day! It was awesome! WE had a lesson with Margaret,
Margarets Plan of Salvation
and then had another GatorAid lesson. We finished up with the New Missionary Skype call with the president. It was a good Sabbath

So yeah, that was our week! I hope you are all doing awesome! I love your guts!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
we bought googly eyes, and I have been hanging these up all over the apartment