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Monday, April 13, 2015

You can leave welts with marshmallows if you try hard enough

Well Hello, hello!
Getting ready to go play Squash

This week I not only have my planner, but I also remembered to bring my camera, so there are going to be words AND pictures again! How great :D 

Yeah, so it's been a pretty great week. Lets see if I can actually remember what happened :P

Monday: We went and played Squash with one of the Young men in the Branch. (I say young men, but he is 18, and Elder, and leaving on a mission in 4 months...) That was pretty great! I enjoyed it. We set up an appointment with an investigator for Monday afternoon, because that is the only time that she could meet, but she ended up standing us up. So we just went about our normal P-day activities. Nothing else overly exciting to report.

Tuesday: We ended up having two lessons with investigators! That's pretty sweet! I know it doesn't sound like a ton, but having two lessons in a day is pretty hard with who we have been working with. So I was pretty pumped! At the end of the day, we met the Zone Leader in Port Elgan and started our exchange. He came home with me, and my companion took his companion back to Moncton. 

Wednesday: We had District Meeting in Summerside this week, so there wasn't a whole bunch of travelling to be done. After we tried some potentials, and then we had a lesson with our investigator who is on date for Baptism. She is doing super great! We had a Chips and Dip games night with the Branch that the missionaries had to put together (the missionaries to an event one month and then Relief Society does an event the next month). It went really well! It wasn't overly attended, but it was enjoyable :D That was pretty much our day.

Beginning to look like Spring!
Thursday: Lots of meetings and calls in the morning. Nothing overly exciting. We tried a potential, he really wants to meet with us, but he is super sick (like terminally) and it's hard finding a time to meet with him. We exchanged back in Port Elgan, and then drove back to Summerside. It is pretty awful how often we have crossed the bridge this transfer alone. Adding it up, we have probably spent $225.00 crossing that bridge. It's a good thing I'm not paying for it. That's the beauty of a MacPass. We then had our Young Men's activity. We made Rice Krispy treats, and then had a marshmallow war with PVC pipe. Just so you know, you can leave welts with marshmallows if you try hard enough :P

Friday: Weekly planning, super fun as always... Our plans got changed a lot, so what I have written in my planner is not at all what we ended up doing. We had a dinner appointment written down for the wrong day, so we made all our plans for that, just to find out we were wrong... oops. So, what happened on Friday, the world may never know...

Out on Lennox Island.  All the signs are in Mi' kmaq!
Saturday: We had a pretty great day! We had brunch with the Senior Missionary couple out here. They are super sweet people! Afterwards we went out to Lennonx Island the Native Reservation, and spent all day working out there. And when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY! We didn't eat or anything. We stopped at a Kwick-Way, and got something to drink, but other than that we just kept working. It was so great! We met some awesome people out that way. There is a MAJOR substance abuse problem out that way, so some of the houses we went into were really sketchy (like crack-house status) but the people out there were all super nice, and really humble. We have some return appointments, so back to Lennox it is! I really enjoyed it!

Sunday: I spoke in church about Elder Wilfred Anderson's talk from this last conference, "The Music of the Gospel". It's my favourite, that's why I chose to speak on it. It was okay... You would think that after almost 8.5 months, and 13 district

The Ocean - that is a lighthouse way out there.

trainings given, I would be a better public speaker... I'm not. I'm awful at just getting up in front of people and talking at them. I'm better if I am able to interact, and ask questions... I will never be a politician. Ever. We spent a lot of time this week taking the sacrament to some elderly people in the branch who can't come and take it for themselves. Usually the young men do it, but there were some complications this week, so the duty fell to the missionaries. It was fun though. I enjoyed it. 

Yeah, so that's about our week. We haven't done anything super fun yet, so I will let you know if we do in my next letter. 

It's starting to warm up! It was 12C today! That's like, super warm!!! Well, 58F, but that is super warm!!!! The snow is melting so fast we have rivers running down the streets! It's crazy, but I'm excited to be warm again! It's funny, now that its warming up, when it dips down again, it feels so much colder! It dipped down to -4C the other night, and I was FREEZING!!!! But, that's okay, we survived! 

I hope you are all having a great week! I love you tons

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
The Stop Sign Again

Someone had fun with the legend on our tracting map

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