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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello hello!

Sorry I didn't write last week, like I said, I'm a worm. It must come with being an old missionary :P So, I'm being good, and I will write one this week :D I have a sad thing to say.... I broke my camera this week. I don't know what happened to it, but Pulled it out of my coat pocket and the screen was all shattered... It survived for a long time, and I am sad to see it go... Dang... That is my sad thing for today. 

Well, I will see if I can think up anything exciting to tell you for this week:

Monday: It was an average Pday. We did out normal stuff. Shopped and junk. And then we had supper with the sweetest older lady ever! She is the best! After that, we went out and knocked on doors for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: It was a pretty normal day. We went around and talked to people at the mall about setting up a booth for Easter, they said no... People weren't so nice about letting us set up a booth in any of the malls or public areas, so we are doing it anyway out in an area that they cant get mad at us. We had a lesson with Margaret, and did some members visits, but that was just about it.

Wednesday: District Meeting. I gave a doctrinal discussion about the the final week of Christ's life. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Afterwards we spent a lot of time at the church designing everything for the booth, and getting it all ready to go, we are super excited about it. We got a little bit of finding time in at the end of the day, not much though... 

Thursday: Basically we just did a whole bunch of finding activities. It was pretty great. The days that you get to just go out and work are the best days. I love them! We had institute in the evening, and basically nobody showed up, so they teacher just taught a room full of missionaries and RM's, instead of a room full of Recent converts, so it was a pretty awesome class. It was super deep, and really fun! I enjoyed it! 

Friday: Weekly planning. Always a joy. We finished up our plans early, so we went and go everything printed that we need, and put together the boot! It looks pretty awesome!
 We are so excited to keep running it! We got to do a little bit of street contacting, and talk to a few people before the night was over. We got in touch with one of our investigators who had fallen off the map, and got to have a lesson with him, that was great! It's been a long time since we've had a lesson with anyone... But, we will find new people, I can feel it!

Saturday: We ended up doing an out of the blue service project that was pretty good. We cleaned up the remains of an old shed in a branch members back yard. I may or may not have impaled my foot on a nail, and have been gimping around since then. That was not so much fun, but no infections, so I'm alive and fine :) Afterwards we went and set up our booth and got it going. It was pretty awesome! I enjoyed it. We didn't get to talk to a lot of people, but it was great being out and trying something new.

Sunday: Church day! Yippie. After Church we set up our booth again, and tried to talk to a couple more people. We were having some technical difficulties, but we think we have ironed out all of the wrinkles, so we are hoping from now it it will go great! 

So yeah, that's where we are now. 

I hope things are well back home :D

Love your guts so much,
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maples Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?

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