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Saturday, July 30, 2016


The Curse has been Broken!  On July 18 Elder Nielsen went to a Wildlife Park and caught images of these sad moose in their shed/stalls.....
But scroll further through the photos to see what happened when they visited Meat Cove
(The Northernmost tip of Nova Scotia)
Spoiler - gorgeous scenery and possibly a moose or two ahead!

Moose Selfie

Me with the moose

This is Tina, it was a gift from Margaret when she went back to China


Nametag Pictures

The Making of Nametag Pictures


Quick Stop


Yes, the little spot to the left of the top of my head is the MOOSE

Meat Cove

This really sketchy place in Meat Cove... (THE STORIES ARE TRUE!)

Meat Cove beach

Elder Täufer and I

#Selfie (I didn't realize that the camera was zoomed in...)

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