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Monday, November 10, 2014

All Current Investigators are Still Alive

An area we were walking in, really pretty
Hello there!

Well, here we are again. It's pretty incredible that we can already be back to a Monday again.... I don't think I have too many exciting stories to tell for this week... All of our current investigators are still alive, so that is always a plus... Lets see if I kind find something to talk about... It's going to be tough... 

Monday: P-Day. It was probably the most crazy P-Day ever.... We had so much to do, and my companion still needed to get packed, so we didn't have a ton of time to actually do anything too fun or crazy... We did take an hour and go get sushi. That was great! Sushi right next to the ocean is fantastic! Who knew that fist tastes better when it's fresh? Later that evening we had Family Home Evening, and had some fun discussions with the members that came. All together it was a pretty great day.

Tuesday: I'm looking at my planner, and seeing everything that we had planned to do on Tuesday, but I really can't remember what we did... That's really embarrassing... I'm having a senior moment... Awkward...

Wednesday: We had so much to do on Wednesday, and we planned our day so tight that we didn't actually end up eating at all... Oops... But yeah, we had to go get our car fixed (It had 2 safety recalls on it and was basically a screaming metal death trap...) and so we spent most of the morning in the mission office writing thank you cards that we were behind on. After we got our car back, we went and did a couple of member visits. After our visits we had a lesson with an investigator over Facebook (Yeah, that's totally a thing that we do here), and then jetted off to another lesson with an investigator in Hammonds Plains (It's like half an hour away from where we live). Right after the lesson we had to run back to the church for the Family History class that we teach, and were already late for. And to finish out the night we had correlation with the new Ward Mission Leader and the only Ward Missionary in our ward right now. Crazy day!

Elder Blum and I right before he left (at 6:00 in the morning)
Thursday: Transfers! We had to be at the mission home at 5:50 am so that everyone who was leaving could be in their new areas at a decent time. So I picked up my new companion(Elder Hansen from Utah)
, and we were home before it was time for studies. My new companion was serving in Dartmouth before coming to Sackville, so I got to introduce him to the simple life of outside the Metro (but still technically in the Metro... It doesn't really make sense). 
Elder Hansen
We went street contacting for over an hour and only came in contact with about 6 people, and that blew his mind! I was pretty impressed though, with only talking to six people, he got a new potential and set up an appointment with her, that never happens! He is a pretty solid missionary. It's a little different of a life outside of the city. We got to go to the Temple with all of the metro missionaries, and that was really cool. Sackville usually gets forgotten on those trips, so it was really nice to actually get invited. It was so cool going with lots of other missionaries! I loved it!

Friday: We started out with weekly planning like usual on Fridays. It's really hard to plan when only one of you knows the area and the people... I would probably bet that it would be even harder to plan if the area was whitewashed, so I'm really glad that didn't happen. We did a lot of knocking. That is always fun. We had a supper appointment with a great family in the ward, and we ate traditional Canadian food, Tacos. It was pretty great. Afterwards we had an appointment with a less-active member, and he really just wanted to talk to the new Elder, so we didn't get anything done in that meeting... haha

Saturday: We had a ton of our plans get changed and fall through on Saturday, that I'm not even completely sure exactly what we ended up doing. I know that we knocked for three hours and got less than thirty contacts, so it was a pretty disappointing day, but that is just how life is sometimes. I got to introduce my companion to some of our crazy less-active members, and they all loved him! It's going to be a pretty good companionship I think.
Smarties are called Rockets here? Weird...
Sunday: It was what they call "Family Sunday" here in Sackville, so we didn't have any extra meetings, we actually got to have our studies in the morning, and go to church like normal people. It was pretty great. After church we had ward choir, and you know how much I love being in ward choirs *insert sarcasm here*. I actually really do love it, it give me a chance to do something I love that is fun, so I don't have any complaints about it. We were supposed to have a supper appointment with a really great family, but the dad got sick. They were really nice though, and ended up bringing supper to us at our apartment! It was really sweet of them! We did a lot of area book work that night, and only like three people out of the fifty we called actually picked up the phone... I'm pretty sure people are screening our calls... 

And that leads us back to here again. As you can see, it was basically a normal week in the Maritimes. 

I really hope everyone is doing well, I love getting updates from people! I love you all, stay amazing!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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