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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

... Butt naked.... It was super awkward....

Hello Hello Hello!
 I forgot to take pictures this week, So I am going to send you all the pictures that I am in from the YSA activities.
Last week we had a "Group Selfie" scavenger hunt for Abstract Nouns... It was pretty interesting.

Another week here in sunny Prince Edward Island!!! Well.... Sunny sometimes.... More like overcast... Well.... More cloudy.... Actually it rains. A lot... But the sun doe come out sometimes! I swear it does! I think it might actually be sunny right now! 

Alright, I'm going to see if I can make up any stories to tell, I can't remember if I actually do anything interesting... Haha

Monday: It was pretty much your average P-Day.... Nothing overly exciting happened. I bought milk... It only cost like $7.30 for a gallon... So that's fun... Food here is really expensive... Especially in Charlottetown in the Summer. We get a cruise ship docking every other day, so that means a lot of people here, and a lot of money to be made in jacking up food prices... It's fun! But yeah... Other than shopping, not too much else... We went out knocking after P-Day was over... Exciting, right :P

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference in Moncton, New Brunswick. It was fun. President and Sister Leavitt's last Zone Conference... In only 2 more weeks we will be getting a new mission president! That's so weird. We had a little bit of an adventure getting to Moncton. GPS's are crazy... They like to take you out into the Boonies, where everything is in french... But we made it safely and alive, and got to see the beautiful back country of New Brunswick. 

Wednesday: It was a pretty long day. Lots of trying to contact potential investigators, and former investigators. No luck... We did some knocking and some street contacting. No luck. So, we finished up the night with a Recent Convert lesson, and then tried a potential investigator that the sisters gave to us... No luck... To top the night off we had a meeting with our Ward Mission leader. Good times all around.

Thursday: I had a Skype call with the Zone Leaders in the morning, and then spent the better part of the day out knocking, and street contacting, and talking to everyone... Nothing yet. We had a lesson with a potential investigator who is the landlord of some of the YSA members. It went really well! We talked a lot, and left him with a copy of The Book of Mormon. We weren't able to have a prayer with him, or set up a return appointment, so he isn't an investigator, but one day he will be! We finished up the night by contacting people down on the Boardwalk  (Side note: One thing I LOVE about PEI is the fact that I am right next to the Ocean ALL THE TIME! I love it! )
The Game? Pudding Pictionary. It is Elder VS Elder Here!
Friday: Weekly Planning. Got to love it. It was a pretty good day. We were able to have a lesson with 2 of our investigators! They are brothers (one of them is 15 and the other is 12). They are doing really well! We had a lesson with a less active couple, and it turned out to be a surprise dinner appointment! It was pretty great! They are such great people! They are working on coming back now. She is pretty much active, and she just went to the temple for the first time in YEARS! It's pretty great :) We had a quick lesson with an older member of the ward, but we got called out to give a recent convert a blessing, so we had to run pretty quick. That was pretty much our night.

Saturday: We had a lesson set up with a potential investigator that the Elders in Summerside gave to us. We were supposed to meet him downtown at Tim Horton's, but he didn't show... It was kind of a bummer... But on the bright side, I had Tim's for the first time in like 4 transfers! It was great! Other than that it was pretty much another long day of knocking and talking to people on the streets... I lied! I just remembered a fun story! So, we were out knocking, and we walked up to some people who were getting out of their car. One of them ran inside the house so she wouldn't have to talk to us, but the other stayed out, and we talked to her for a minute. As we were talking, I saw an iPhone pop up in the garage window. They were taking pictures of us, so that was pretty weird... But it gets weirder. As we were knocking on the next house, we heard laughing coming from the house we had just been at, so we look over, and the girl that had ran inside was now outside again... Butt naked.... It was super awkward.... So that is what people are like in the Meritimes... Haha!
"Passion" - if you look way in the background, you can see a member petting a dog - she loves dogs.

Sunday: It was a pretty normal day. Church was great.  We knocked some. We gave a blessing to a less active member who is getting surgery soon. We had a supper appointment with an awesome family! And we finished up the night by going to the YSA Family Home Evening. They are super fun... And weird... But you have to love them :P As we were getting ready to leave, some crazy guy walked up to the church and started preaching to us about how God is love, and God is in all of us, and Churches are just Vanity, etc. etc. etc.... I leaned that it is pretty much a mistake to run into a group of Mormons (4 of them being missionaries) and try to preach crazy stuff... You wont walk away with your doctrine in tact... It was interesting to see. We let him pretty much have his way and then leave, but we got to teach him a little bit and offered him a copy of The Book of Mormon :P

So yeah, that was petty much my week. Fun stuff, right? 
"Pride" It's a Canadian Flag up there.... Also, fun fact: There are no Canadians in this picture :D

A quick update: Like I said, it's been raining a lot, so it's been really wet. That means the bugs are starting to come out. Lots and lots and LOTS of misquitoes... Its pretty bad. It's also spider season again. I have only seen little ones so far, I'm waiting for the huge ones to come back... I love telling the new greenies about the spiders here! It freaks them out so much! I love it!

I love you all so much, and I hope you have a great week! 

P.S. Today I bought a tie with a whole bunch of moose on it, and a little moose pin from Value Village. I love thrift shopping!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

All of us together :P

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