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Monday, June 8, 2015

Yeah... I don't know what happened on Tuesday, Sorry... (or Charlottetown is the Promised Land!!!!!)

Well hello again!


It feels like quite a while since the last time that I wrote to you guys! I sent a lot of pictures home last week, so that's about it. Yeah... Lets see if I can actually remember what happened this week, being the beginning of the transfer, I forgot my old planner, so I am totally relying on my brain... And that's really not all that reliable... So, lets see,

Monday: We had a couple of missionaries leaving Summerside, so one of the Senior Missionaries in the area decided to take us out for a little journey around the Island. We got to go see some of the major tourist attractions in the area. We traveled all of the North side of the Island, with our final destination being Cavendish Park, or as it is more commonly known back home, Green Gables. (I've never seen the movie, or read the books, so I will have to do that when I get home... It will be a little cooler now that I have actually been there!) It was a pretty good adventure! We saw a lot of the Island, and had lots of fun. Good stuff ;P
Tuesday: Yeah... I don't know what happened on Tuesday, Sorry...

Wednesday: We ended up having a surprise District meeting In Charlottetown,  It was all good though, because I didn't have to prepare a training! I just got to sit back and enjoy the meeting for the first time in almost 5 months! We had lessons with a couple of less active members, and were finally able to get in to see one of our investigators! She has been kinda slippery to get a hold of! Don't remember much more than that...

Thursday: Transfer day. I took the other Missionary leaving Summerside down to Moncton (New Brunswick) to catch the Transfer van, and so I could bring the new missionary back on to the Island.... It was all going fine and dandy, until my GPS decided that it would be much quicker to take us on a scenic tour of the New Brunswick countryside than to just take the Highway. It was nice, and I enjoyed the view, but we were a little late showing up. But we made it, and then made it back to Charlottetown just in time to drop the new Elder off with him companion, send them back to Montague, and get to work. It's so strange being in a city... I've been out in the boonies for way too long! There are actually people here! We can go street contacting! And people are homes when you knock on their doors! It's insane! I love it! Charlottetown is the Promised Land!!!!!
Friday: Weekly planning. It went longer this week because we had to figure out our transfer plan as well, but we go it done.. Other than that, lots of contacting. Lots of contacting... LOTS of contacting!

Saturday: We had a pretty open day, so what did we do? Lots of Contacting! We also helped deep clean the church, so that is always interesting. Scrubbing toilets, it's what I'm best at. 

Sunday: We had a pretty great church meeting. Fast and Testimony meeting is always a little interesting... but it was enjoyable! The ward here is pretty great! I found out that there is a lady who lives in the ward here who used to live in La Verkin, so that's pretty cool! We went to the YSA Family Home Evening, and that was fun. University students are weird... That's all I can say... They are weird, but I love them...
Yeah, so that was my week... I don't have much more to tack on to that...

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! I love you all so much~

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen
None of the pictures came with descriptions - so you just have to leave it to your own imagination...
For more pictures go to the photo page on this blog. (Click the link on the right side of this page)

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