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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In case you are wondering, we have talked to 1/9 of the town of Yarmouth

With my comp Elder Beckman
Hey there, Sorry I kinda forgot to write a letter! I will see what I can whip up really quick
I am just going to give you the basic overview of this week, because basically all we did was finding. We had what my mission president called "Le Tour de Faith" and basically all of our contacting standards got bumped up (from 10 hours of finding and 140 contacts to 30 hours of finding and 300 contacts) it was insane. We decided that we were going to win, so my companion and I went ham and ended up with 46.5 proselyting hours and 801 contacts. It was crazy! 
Each day of Le Tour de Faith had a specific challenge or specific goal for the day. I will tell you all about it.

Monday: We had our Pday, and then Le Tour de Faith began. The Monday Challenge was to get as many Family Home Evenings set up with Less Active Members, Investigators, and Members as possible. We had a bunch set up, but only one actually played out... Bummer. 

Tuesday: The goal for Tuesday was to invite as may people to baptism as possible. We talked to about 120 people that day, and invited 43 of them to be baptized. We won the challenge for that day.

Wednesday: The challenge for Wednesday was to come up with the most creative finding idea possible. We decided to tie a whole bunch of Christmas Pass-Along cards to balloons and hand them out to people on the street. It was awesome! People thought it was hilarious and loved it!

Thursday: The challenge was to teach as many ten minute restoration lessons to people as you could. We started to run into a slight issue... after the Tuesday challenge, people started running away from us on the streets... Like, literally dropping whatever they were doing and running. It was actually pretty funny. But it made talking to people a lot harder... We talked to about 160 people, but we were only able to teach 10 lessons... 

Friday: The goal was to hand out 5 copies of The book of Mormon. (We were only able to pass out 5 because the mission is running low right now.) We did that in about an hour, and then kept on going. We talked to about 206 some people that day. 

Saturday: The goal on Saturday was to invite as may people to church as possible. We were so tired after the week we had been having, but we just kept on going. We talked to about 130 people, and invited 61 of them to church. It was pretty great.

Sunday: We went to church, and rested.

Overall it was a pretty great week, and, like I said we ended up with 46.5 hours of finding and 801 contacts. (In case you are wondering, that means we have talked to 1/9 of the town of Yarmouth.)

Yupp, so that was my week. I hope you guys had a great week! 

Love ya!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nieslen

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