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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hey there! I'm a worm....

Hey there!
Cape Forchu 
I'm a worm, and I always forget to write this letter, and then I remember right when I have no time left!... Sorry about that... But, I guess I will see if I can remember any fun stories for you this week! 

Monday: It was a pretty average Pday... Nothing overly exciting. We went out to the Cape Forchu lighthouse. That's always fun. Took a couple of good pictures for posterity :P I'm not the best at remembering to take pictures, but I try! After that we went back to work. We were supposed to have a lesson at 8:00, but it ended up falling through... That was a bit of a bummer..

Tuesday: We did a lot of finding on Tuesday. Not too many results, but that is okay, it's going to happen! We finally went back to doing service at the Archives. It's been quite a while since we've gone and done that, so It was nice to go back. After that it was a lot of finding again. We had a supper appointment with a couple from the branch, and to finish up the night we had a lesson with a less active family. Good stuff.
Organizing the Donations for the Refugees

Wednesday: We had District Meeting for the first time in a while. I gave the Doctrinal Discussion this week. I talked about the names of Christ. It went pretty well. We spent a lot of time traveling, so that was most of our day. We tried to get in a little bit of finding in the evening before Branch Council. Not a lot got done... oops...

Thursday: We spent the morning at Beacon United Church helping sort some stuff for the Syrian Refugees that are coming into Yarmouth this week. We have been helping out with that for a little while. We had a bunch of lessons fall through on us, so that's no fun... but we kept going out and talking to people, we will find people to teach! We helped Joey move the last of his stuff out of his old place into his new house. He is officially moved out! So, yeah, that was pretty much our day.
Our little Christmas tree.

Friday: Weekly Planning. Lots of fun :D We did lots of finding again. We went and had a not-lesson with a really cool guy. We aren't going to teach him, but he is a cool guy all the same. after that it was a lot more finding. The Branch Christmas Activity was that night, and, like usual, I totally forgot to take pictures... My bad. But it was fun. The kids really enjoyed it! We had a really weird thing happen. We went out to look at some lights in a park, and this little dog started following us around, and wouldn't leave us alone. It followed us for probably half a kilometer back to our car, so we ended up taking it with us and giving it to some members until the SPCA could come and pick it up. It was almost like having a pet for like 30 seconds, haha!
Christmas tree made of Lobster Traps

Saturday: Again, lots of finding. We took the new couple in our area to meet some less active members. That was fun! They all got along swimmingly! Such fun people. We had a lesson fall through on us again, so bummer, but we survived. 

Sunday: Happy Sabbath! Church was pretty great. Elder Beckman spoke in church and gave a great talk about Fasting and Prayer. Good stuff. We took the sacrament to an old lady that cant get out, and then had a really long lesson with a less active member. The rest of the night was pretty quiet. 

The lights in the park
Yeah so that was pretty much our week. Nothing too exciting. 

Oh, I guess a minor tack-on... Due to some craziness in the District, I am now the District Leader here.  That's interesting. Not a very long break, haha!

I'm pretty sure that is everything. 

Love your guts, and I hope you have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen
Sunset at the lighthouse






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