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Monday, June 13, 2016

Selfie of the year award

I guess I should finally get around to writing my weekly email!

Hey der B'y! What'cha to? (that would be Newfie for, Hello, what's going on?) Life is good here on the Cape. I will see if I can think up any good stories for ya's!

Monday: It was a pretty normal Pday. I don't think we really did anything too terribly exciting. We did Visit with a family that we are teaching, she had forgotten about the appointment, and she had to go to a doctors appointment, but we set up an appointment for another day. I'm pretty sure that was about it for Monday.
I got bored while doing my laundry... Bed sheets make a nice turban

Tuesday: We started doing this really cool Book of Mormon Study as a mission, so we take an extra half hour of study time so that we can finish the study we are supposed to be doing. After studies we went out to North Sydney for try and find some Former Investigators, but, alas, no luck. We came back to Sydney for lunch, and then went street contacting for a little while. We had an appointment set up with that family, but, all the kids got sick, so we weren't able to go through with it.... It was a bit of a bummer.  After that it was whole lot of knocking on doors, and hunting people down. Doing what missionaries do, ya know?

Wednesday: District Meeting down in New Glasgow... Basically our entire day gets eaten up when we go to New Glasgow. We drive 3 hours for a 2 hour meeting and an hour of lunch, and then drive another 3 hours back to Sydney. It's a party! So, yeah that was fun. When we got back it was time for Branch Council, so we went to our meetings and when not, and then finished out the day by going out and trying to get at least a little bit of work done. It was good.

Thursday: We worked in Glace Bay for the morning. We got to do a little street contacting, and talk to a few people, so that was really nice. Afterwards we went out and found some former investigators. It's been a long time since anyone has contacted the Formers out here, so we have found a lot of dead people... That's awkward... We headed back to Sydney for Lunch, and then we were supposed to have a lesson with that family, but they fell through again.... So, back to work. We had institute in the evening, and it was a blast. We played "doge ball Battleship". It was quite interesting. Afterwards I taught the lesson, it was on the Atonement. The Atonement is seriously my favourite topic to talk about!

Friday: Weekly planning. It took a lot longer than we had hoped. We had lunch with a member at his Auto Body shop, and while we were there we ran into a couple of really.... Interesting... People. This old lady straight up told us to our face that the Book of Mormon is not the word of God, and then her husband came in and started lecturing us about how we are sinners because the bible states very clearly that men are supposed to have beards and we were both clean shaven... Crazy people! After that it was back to work. We went out to Glace Bay to work for then evening, and then had a supper appointment with some awesome members. (I attached a picture of our cheesecake :D)

The ducks didn't want the pass-along card.
Saturday: We went out to Eskasoni for the morning to do some grocery shopping for a guy out there (yeah.. that's a thing...). We got to meet some interesting people out there as well. Nothing as crazy as on Friday. After Eskasoni, we had to jet back to Sydney because we had a lesson set up with that family. Again though.... No shows... So, we didn't let it get us down, and we went back to work. Lots of knocking, street contacting, etc. If it included talking to people, we did it.

This is a pigeon that looks like a cow.
Sunday: Happy Sabbath. Our Family didn't end up coming to church like they had promised all week. The Flu is from the devil! After church we went to Branch Choir, and now is the time that I get to thank my mother (and Lori Arnold) for all those years of Piano Lessons. I may have been a butt, and didn't practice like I should have, but I'm glad I'm able to step in and play for the Choir when I need too. So, thanks Mum! (And Lori!). Well, it was fast Sunday here, so we didn't take lunch, but I was super tired, so we did take a nap... and that nap went way longer than I intended it too.. Oops... So yeah, we got to do a little work in the evening before I had to do the district leader think and collect numbers and all that Jazz. 

So yeah, that was pretty much our week. 

I hope you are all doing awesome!

I love your guts! Have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
Margaret wanted to take pictures with us

At the giant fiddle

Welcome to Cape Breton

There is a member here who makes AMAZING cheesecake!

It's so rich and creamy that you want to die with happiness!

Guess where we were again this morning :P

If you guessed the Cabot Trail, you are correct :P

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