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Friday, August 1, 2014

Carrying Out the The Family Profession

Hey There!!!!
Wow... I've only been here three days and it has seriously been the craziest three days of my life! Seriously, you never, EVER slow down here!!! You go and go and go, and at night it feels like you get a quick nap before you start going again.... But It's great, I love it
So, What have I done so far? It's so hard to remember because time has blended together into one huge MTC smear (I say that in a good way)...
Within 20 minutes of being dropped off, I was already sitting in a classroom being introduced to the whole MTC experience.
My whole district is pretty awesome. There are six of us. There is myself, my companion Elder Steimlie, Elder Walker, Elder, Densley, Elder McGuire, and Elder Allsop. And for the life of me I couldn't tell you any of their first names :P
Last night I was selected by president to be District Leader, so thats pretty great... Basically I'm a mail man... I'm carrying out the family profession!
I saw Elder Siolo yesterday and I about exploded! I was so awesome! It's impossible to call him Elder Siolo instead of Jacob... But I guess I'll get used to that eventually. It was great to see a familiar face. He already speaks so much of his language!!!
With Elder Siolo

Classes have been pretty great! We started teaching our first "investigators", Rebekah and Joe, (They are our teachers) yesterday, and that has been pretty amazing! It's awesome how much I've learned in the three days I've been here. I feel like every second has some sort of teaching and learning moment that helps me grow.
It is really hard to believe that I have only been here for three days. I feel like they have been the fastest, slowest three days of my life! I don't know how people can possibly make it through 12 weeks here, I would probably explode!
I have been doing really well. I haven't been homesick at all, there just isn't any time for that :P
Well, I got my travel plans today! I leave the MTC on August 12th, so only 11 more days! I hope time picks up the pace a little bit, haha.
I'm so sorry there aren't any pictures this week... I really haven't had time to take too many pictures, and I forgot to bring my cord to upload the ones I did take. Oops... But you can totally expect a ton of pictures next week:P
I Love you all so, so much! I can't even say how much!
I know that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, and I know that the church is true, there is absolutely no way to deny that!
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Elder Nielsen

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