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Monday, September 1, 2014

One Month, Check!

Hidy Ho!
Wow, what a completely insane week! (I fell like I say that every week :P)

I guess I'll just get the disappointment out of the way quick, I didn't take any pictures this week... I'm awful, I know. I'm sorry. I just haven't had time yet!

But here we go, I'll try to give you the complete rundown of my week. Last Monday we got the opportunity to go and help clean the temple, that was fantastic! After that we had to drive down to Bridgewater because we were doing visits with the district leader and his companion. I ended up sitting in a Hospital waiting room all day because the district leaders companion had a doctors appointment. (The Canadian healthcare system is awful if you are an american. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.)  We ended up staying the night in Bridgewater because we had district meeting the next day, and it wasn't worth wasting the Km's there and back.

Tuesday: We had our very first district meeting since I've been here, woot woot. It was super exciting (not really) . Afterwards we ended up going and getting some food with the DL before going home. I am now proud to say that I have had both Tim Horton's and Poutine. I'm basically a full blooded Canadian!

Wednesday: We had our second meeting with Theresa. She is amazing. I really feel like she is progressing, and is going to be a great investigator (and hopefully member) Her story is insane, and I'll have to write that up in a separate email at a later time, because it is that long and complicated!  We had to start doing a lot of walking because we almost ran our of Kilometers for the month, and we didn't want to risk getting in trouble, so we walked, and knocked a lot on Wednesday, and all week.

Thursday: We had an investigator stand us up for an appointment, and she stopped answering our calls... I'm really disappointing, I really thought she was going to be awesome, but we are going to keep trying, we can't give up on her yet. We spent the rest of Thursday out in Fall River doing so work out there, and getting to know some less-active members, and some former investigators. We worked with a really great young man, and he came along to our lessons. The youth out here are pretty awesome. They are so willing to help out. Basically all of the members of the ward are willing to help out when needed. We are so blessed to be in such an awesome ward

Friday: Friday was literally the most unproductive day ever. It took all day for us to finish our weekly planning, we have that much going to. We did pick up a new potential. She lives in our apartment building, and we saw her sitting up on here balcony, so we shouted up to here Romeo style and got invited back for a return appointment. We think we are going to have to pass her off to the Sisters though, it is just too hard finding a priesthood who can come with you in the middle of the day...

Saturday: Saturday was just insane. We had so many appointments, and so many different things going on. We met with an eternal investigator named Ken. It is always a fight to get anything in without him going off on a war tangent... But, I think we are finally reaching him. He has been meeting with missionaries for 8 years, and he said we are the first ones that he has actually had a connection with. He is supposed to have a baptismal date set by our next appointment (That was his only stipulation to getting baptized, he got to set the date) So I'm praying for him so hard right now. I really hope that this is his time! Also, Saturday was my 1 month mark! WOO HOO

Sunday: So, apperenly in this ward, the 5th Sunday is Missionary Sunday. So I got the opportunity to speak in church with Elder and Sister Ranglack (The senior couple), and then The Sisters and The Elders did a musical number together. It was pretty great :D All of the missionaries in my area are really musically tallented, so we do a lot of musical numbers together, and we perform at a Seniors Home every other Tuesday, I'm pretty happy about that. 

I think that is pretty much my entire week... Whew. So many things going on. The life of a missionary isn't easy, but you can never say that it get boring.... 

I love you all and I hope you are having a wonderful week/life! Keep me updated on everything that is going on, I feel so out of the loop right now! Just because I'm like a million miles away, doesn't mean you get to forget about me! I say that with love :D

Have an amazing week, the Gospel is true. The people aren't perfect, but the message is. Keep that in mind 

Elder Jeffry Scott Nielsen

PS: I still really enjoy getting packages, and letters. So do with that what you will ;P

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