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Monday, September 15, 2014

Spoiler Alert! - No Spiders this week


Another week has gone past already? Time is a crazy, crazy thing my friends! I always have a hard time starting my letters, because I never know what to talk about first... 

This week hasn't been too eventful. It has been a lot more mellow, and we lost most of our investigators, so its been a lot more time finding, and a lot less time teaching. I hope this weeks letter doesn't bore you too much :P

Monday: Well, Monday was my birthday. It wasn't too bad. We didn't really do anything special because there just wasn't time to do anything special. We did all of our P-Day stuff, and by the time all of that was finally finished, it was time to start working for the day. The senior missionary couple in our ward got transferred a little while ago, so we have had to take on some of their projects for them. We taught family home evening this week, and only one person showed up... It was super fun... But after that we went to an appointment with a new investigator. They are super great. They are Baptist, and Elder B and I are pretty sure that they are trying to fellowship us into the Baptist church... Neither of us had our watches on during the lesson, and we accidentally stayed until after 10:00 pm, oops. To make the matter worse, the district leader was staying the night with us, and we freaking out because they couldn't get in contact with us (our phone is broken and doesn't vibrate, so we didn't know they were calling us), so they reported us missing to all of the mission higher powers... It was a fun night trying to explain it to every one.

Tuesday:Tuesday was District meeting, so that was fun as always, haha. WE then had the Assistants come over to our apartment and do some personal training with E. B and I. We needed it. I feel like I'm getting better at the whole missionary thing though, so that's great. I don't have anything else to report for Tuesday because all of our appointments fell through, and we had to drop some investigators.... Not a fun time...

Wednesday: Wednesday we got our first media referral! Actually, all he wanted was a bible, and he really didn't want to meet with missionaries, he was hoping they would mail it to him. That really didn't go anywhere. All of our appointments fell through on Wednesday too, so we spent a lot of time our knocking doors. One door we knocked was answered by a giant (like 6 foot 8inch) Newfoundlander who just wanted to talk forever. He didn't want to hear about the gospel, he just wanted to talk. He also wasn't wearing clothes, just his spandex boxers... Talk about awkward..

Thursday: Thursday we did a whole lot of walking. We decided because the whole morning was free, we were going to walk all around Sackville and knock a bunch of different places. Bad idea. We knocked for over 3 hours, and only got to talk to about 25 people... We met one man who said his son joined the LDS church over 20 years ago, and then disappeared into the blue. He thinks his son is living in Utah now, so if you come across a man named Jeffery John Furlong, let me know (the guy says he will listen to the discussions if we can find his son...). Later that day we had our first meeting that didn't fall through! Woohoo! And it was with T! I love her, she is doing amazing and I'm pretty sure she is going to see this whole thing through, it's just going to take a little bit of time, but she is going to get there :D

Friday: Friday we had weekly planning, and correlation with the sisters, so we didn't actually get a lot of anything done. We Facebook lesson with someone (yes, that is totally something that we do). Then later in the evening we had a dinner appointment with a fantastic older couple from the ward. They are getting sealed on the 27, and told us that if we survive this transfer we are both invited, so we are hoping, fingers crossed. The man is British, and the lady is Pilipino. She makes you eat so much. I always feel like I'm about to explode when I go to their house. I don't know how Jacob is surviving if they make him eat this much there...

Saturday: Saturday was the Canadian National Day of Service, so we did a lot of service. We started out the day by going to a part-member family, and helping them take down part of their house. It was pretty intense, but we got through it alright. After that we went to a non-member couple that we have been doing service for a while, and we ripped out their hardwood floor, and put new flooring down. So basically I'm a flooring specialist now, no big deal :D

Sunday: Yesterday was the day of a million less-actives. We went and visited one less-active member after another... I feel like our list just keeps getting longer, and we keep accidentally knocking into more... It's not a good sign when the list of people gets longer... Last night we got to go to the mission home and watch the CES broadcast. That was pretty fantastic. And we got to stay out way past curfew, so it was pretty great. It made me feel like rebel. And that was pretty much the whole day...

That is basically my week in a nutshell... I don't really have any more exciting news for you this week. Next week is transfers, and president announced yesterday that it's going to be a big one. He said that about 40-60 people are staying put and about 60-80 people are getting moved.. It's going to be a crazy week!

I hope everyone is doing well! 

Remember: Say no to drugs, crack is whack, stay in school, eat your vegetables, and only you can prevent forest fires!

Have a great Week!

Hockey hockey, Moose Moose, Maple Leaf, sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

PS: Sorry, no spiders this week. I realized as I was about to take a picture of the first one that it probably would be weird to be taking pictures on peoples doorsteps... I will try to get you pictures of the spiders, they are freaky!

Mom asked for nametag pictures.


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