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Monday, September 29, 2014

*Insert Witty Title Here*

Well hello again!
Well, I forgot to bring my old planner, so this email was going to be really short and boring, but luckily I have Elder Blum who is on the ball and brought his so, you might actually get an email from this!

What a week. Not a ton has actually happened, but my brain is just so fried right now.... I guess we start from Monday, that is always a good place to start.

Monday: I never really have anything to report for Monday. It was a P-day like any other. We got all of our laundry done early in the morning, so I had time to put my housekeeping skills to good use and deep clean the washroom. That was about the most fun I have ever had (insert sarcasm here). Oh yeah, and I got my hair cut. The person went one blade too short, and it was too late to do anything about it after the first swipe, so all of my hair is gone now... I about cried when I saw it.
Tuesday: Tuesday was another run around day. There was a lot that needed to get done, but in the end most of it fell through... We had to go out to Fall River because Elder Blum had a doctor's appointment, so we decided we were going to visit some less actives, and do some work out in that area. None of the less actives we had planned on visiting were home, or answered their phone, so we didn't actually get to see anyone. We had a supper appointment with a great older couple. There have been in the church for a couple of years, and went and got sealed in the temple on Saturday, I was super excited for them! The rest of the night was pretty standard, we got into see a less active, and then went and did some knocking. Missionary work at its finest.
 One of the sisters tracked her family history back to Adam and eve....
 I was pretty impressed

Wednesday: Not a ton of super interesting stuff happened on Wednesday either. We went and did service for a less active member, and he fed us later that night. We got to see my favorite less active (shh, don't tell anyone that I pick favorites) and then did a whole lot of knocking. Apparently people aren't really up to making appointments for Wednesdays, who knew?

Thursday: Thursday was another day of appointments falling through. We had planned to see one of our investigators, but she had to cancel and meet next week, but we convinced her to just move it back a few days. So we did eventually get to meet with her. We had a supper appointment set up for the night, but they ended up falling through too, so we had supper on our own, and did a little more knocking for the night. Nobody showed up to the family history course that we teach (again), so we did a little more knocking. And to top the night off, we dropped our baptist investigators (But it's okay, because we didn't want to join the baptist church anyways :P). 

Friday: It was supposed to be a day like any other, but we got a phone call during our studies in the morning letting us know that we were going to have the Traveling Trainers stay with us for the rest of the week. My eyeballs about popped out of my head. I was not super pleased to hear that, but they came, and we survived. We ended up having our Friday appointments fall through too, so we just had a lot of finding time with the trainers. It boosted out contacts for the week, so that was positive 

Saturday: Saturday was another day of lots and lots of knocking. I drew the short straw, so Elder Blum and one of the trainers got to go to the appointments we had set up for the day, and me and the other trainer got to go do some knocking. I found out later that night from Elder Blum that our most promising investigator is getting married and moving just outside of our ward area. We have until October 8th to work with her. That was a little bit of a bummer. 
I got some cool pins for my nametag from a less
 active we have been working with. 

Sunday: I think that this is the first Sunday I have really experienced a "day of rest". I got to get away from the traveling trainers and just enjoy church for a couple of hours, it was fantastic. I ended up having to teach Gospel Principals with out any notice, but that is the magic of being a missionary, everyone thinks that you are a mystical gospel scholar who can just whip out an amazing lesson on the fly. (That isn't the case, don't believe everything you hear) We got to meet with one of our other investigators that night, and finally found out why he isn't willing to get baptized right now. He says he is going to join the church, he just has some stuff he needs to work out with people before he would feel right about it... I'm hoping he will start progressing again. The trainers left around 5:00 and Elder Blum and I went to a supper appointment with a fantastic member family. Afterwards, you would never guess what we did... MORE KNOCKING!! It was super exciting! 

As you can see, every week here is just a party! All day, every day! 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I love you all!

Don't do drugs, stay in school, crack is whack, only you can prevent forest fires!

Hockey hockey, moose moose, maple leaf, sorry about that, eh?

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