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Monday, March 23, 2015

The snow here is super duper crazy!

Me standing in front of a mountain of snow! It's actually like 13-14 feet, it's just taken at a really weird angle...
OH man, sounds like you guys had an exciting week! It's been pretty crazy here. Tons of snow and what not... I don't have a lot of time to write, I'm sorry....  I only have like 8 more minutes, and I haven't written anything... But yeah, Life is great! The snow here is super duper crazy! It just keeps coming and coming and coming. We had a blizzard yesterday, and we are supposed to get another one on thursday. It never ends! It doesn't ever get too cold, just like -13c and then the windchill dips it down to like -27c, so that's a wee bit cold... I looked up that place, New London is just on the edge, it's in Queen County, which means it falls under the Charlottetown Sisters area... That's a bummer.... Yeah, the Confederation bridge is the one I was talking about. Its like 13 km or 8 Miles long. It's pretty awesome. I've never gone across it during the day. I've only seen it at night. It costs 45.00 to cross, so when we have to go on and off the island, it's kind of a big deal. We leave about every 2 weeks for a leadership meeting that I have to go too in Truro, and it's pretty intense knowing how much we are paying to get across (but we just have a MACKpass, so I don't have to actually pay cash :P) I can't believe that everyone is already coming home! That's nuts! I am only at my 8 month mark (Next Monday :0), so I'm still pretty young!

Also - A member of the Branch passed away, and they wanted on of the missionaries who had served here in the past to sing at her funeral. That couldn't be arranged, so I will be singing at ANOTHER funeral on Wednesday.. I'm becoming a professional!

I love you, and hope everything is going well! Have a great week!
Elder Nielsen
The wall of snow we had to get a path through at the church.

This is Randy - My Snow Blower friend

Snow Blowing Selfie

I am Victor over the snow!

Elder Balle shoveling snow off the roof.

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