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my card

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thank goodness for Spacebags!

Hey there!

I don't have a ton of time this week, so my letter is going to be pretty brief!

Monday: Regular Pday stuff. I didn't go shopping because I didn't need to stock the apartment this week :P So yeah, that's about it...

Tuesday: We worked around Bridgewater. I finally started packing. Thank goodness for Spacebags! I would never have gotten my suitcases all the way packed again if It weren't for those! I am keeping them forever and ever amen. That's about it for Tuesday, lots of packing.

Wednesday: We got a call from our investigator in Lockeport asking us to come out for lunch, so we dropped everything and went out there for the day. It was a great meeting with him! I loved it. We then went back to Liverpool and had a meeting with a Less active member, and then supper with a really great family! I loved it! We then drove out to Sackville to spend the night for Transfers the next morning.

Thursday: At 6:00 in the morning I was headed out on the Transfer Van to PEI. It was a pretty long trip and I didn't actually get back to the Island until about noon. But It was an adventure! We got back to the island just in time to eat lunch, unpack a little and then go to correlation. Jump right in, that is the way to do it! We met a less active member, and ran around a ton, it was so great! We went to Young Men's and did P90x.. I am still sore.. Never again! haha! (Oh, and I was called to be the Young Men's President out here, so I'm not just a missionary, I'm part of the Branch! That's pretty cool! :D)

Friday: Weekly planning. It's crazy having to plan for 9 investigators! I love it! Not much else or Friday...

Saturday: We went out to Alberton. Such a cool little place! We knocked a ton, and met some really cool people! We prayed with a pastor, and met Father "Bonecrusher". It's such a cool place! I love the people here! So spiritual! We picked up a new investigator out there. We went in and she started spouting Anti at us, and we just answered all the questions she asked. The more she asked the more interested she got, and now we are going to be teaching her! So that is pretty cool!

Sunday: Blizzard.... We don't cancel church around here, so we still had sacrament meeting. It was great! I only got to meet about 8 members of the branch, but they were all so fantastic! I was sustained as the Young Men's President out here, its going to be a fun one! And then we were stuck in the apartment for the rest of the night.

I hope every one is having a great week! I'm sorry my letter was so short this time! 
from awhile back - the handprint I left on a members wall

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen
A few more details from his letter to me (his Mom)
Q: How did you get there?  It looks to me like there is a bridge that you can drive on?
A: There is a bridge out to the Island.  It is super long, and really impressive.  Its a couple of Kilometers, so I enjoyed driving over it. It's called Confederation Bridge.
Q: Companion's name and hometown..  and How is that going?
A: My new companion is Elder Balle, he is from West Valley Ut.  It's been going really great so far. I am enjoying it.
Q: Is there really 10 feet of snow?
A: Yes, there is actually 10 feet of snow... and more because we had a blizzard yesterday, and there is tons of blowing snow today... It's actually a small miracle that I am writing to you right now.  We were just lucky enough to get out of our apartment.  All the other missionaries on the Island are stuck, so that kinda sucks for them.

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