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Monday, May 25, 2015

those things are HEAVY!

Hey there!
Hey Look! A Crab!
It feels like forever since I have actually sat down and written out a letter for all my fans back home :P (just kidding, you don't have to be fans... just people who love me!)

Let's see if I can think up anything exciting that happened this past week... You would think that after almost 10 months of doing this every week, I would be better at it by now... 

Monday: We got voluntold  by the Branch President to go out and help someone move their house. Yes I said move their house. A lot of times instead of moving from one house to another, people will just pick up their house and move it. And I'm not talking trailers, I'm talking houses. People move their houses... We didn't actually help move the house, we spent most of the time there clearing out post-holes, and putting in poles for the house to sit on (I'm not talking like little poles, I mean cut off telephone-poles, those things are HEAVY!) After we had finished that up, we decided to use what we had left of Pday and go to the beach! We walked out to that light house that I sent pictures of a couple of weeks ago! We actually made it this time! The tide was out just enough that we were able to walk all the way out there, and we found a bunch of new sea creature friends as well! That was pretty much our Pday...
Our new friend (It's a baby eel!)

Tuesday: Not a whole lot to report for Tuesday. We had a lot of cancellations, or people who didn't show up, so that was kind of a bummer... But, I guess that's the way life goes sometimes. We did some tracting, and all that missionary jazz. 
And a little shrimp that we found!

Wednesday: District meeting in Charlottetown. It was pretty great. I always enjoy district meetings. While we were down in the area, we stopped in at Dairy Queen (They don't have them in Summerside... Just Charlottetown), and my companion and one of the other Elders used their mission birthday cards to buy Icecream cake that we took and enjoyed with the other missionaries. It was a District Meeting/Birthday Party! Not too much exciting happened other than that.

Thursday: My companions Birthday! We weren't able to really do a lot for his birthday, it being a work day and everything, but we did go over to the other elders apartment for home-made Donair (Dad, if we ever come back to Canada after the mission, I will have to get you some Donair, you would love it!) Welcome to mission birthdays, not a whole lot happens... We had a couple of lessons cancel on us again, so that was a bummer.... That was pretty much our day.

The rock bridge out to the lighthouse opened up a ton since last week!
Friday: Weekly Planning. Other than that it was a pretty normal work day. We went and did service at the Library like we do every week. Nothing new there. Our lesson cancelled on us again... But she made a solid promise to be at church on Sunday, so that's pretty awesome! (*Spoiler alert* : She actually came!)  We met with a member in the evening. She is pretty great! Solid testimony! That was about our whole Friday...

Saturday: We worked all day. Literally all day. That's all we did. We worked. It was a pretty solid day. We talked to a lot of people, so that's pretty great.

Sunday: Between us and the other Elders in the area, there were three investigators at church! It was so awesome! Everyone actually showed up like they said they would, and it was great! One Sister who served here a while ago came back to visit (I knew here because we served together in Sackville). Her and her Mom became pretty good friends with our investigator... Now we just have to make them move here! Other than that, it was a pretty normal day... Nothing all too new to report. We found a couple of potential investigators while we were out street contacting on the board walk, so that was pretty great!
Licking a giant snail that I found!


Yeah, so that's my week. Pretty exciting, right? I don't know what we are doing for Pday today, but you will probably get pictures of it next week, so stay tuned! 

I love you all so much, and I hope everything is going well. Enjoy your summer! The kids here still have another month of school before they get out, so enjoy! 

Love you tons!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen



Elder Ashton found a crab!


There's the lighthouse!

The boards are not all to sturdy... No wonder it's abandoned... This place is sketchy!


Yay lighthouse
There's Summerside :D

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