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Monday, November 23, 2015

One day I am going to be good at this, but that day is not today....

Looks like the Doctor is hanging around Yarmouth
I guess it's that time of the week again where I need to think up things to say in a weekly letter home! One day I am going to be good at this, but that day is not today.... 

Yeah, so this week was Transfer Week, that's always fun. So a couple of adventures came from that. So yeah, we will see what I can actually remember... It's also the first week of the transfer which means that I didn't bring my old planner, so I basically have no brain from last week... oops... I feel like I say that about ever six weeks or so :P

Monday: It was Elder Ashby's last Pday in Yarmouth, so we had to think up something fun to do... We kinda failed at thinking, so we decided to go bowling. That was pretty fun. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.

Tuesday: Not much going on that I can remember... I wish I remembered to bring my planner. I know that we had supper with a lady from the branch. That's about all I can remember from Tuesday.

Wednesday: We were supposed to have an extra hour of planning to get ready for the new missionaries, and transfers and what not, but Elder Ashby realized that he hadn't even started to pack yet, so he packed while I cleaned the house... That wasn't so much fun. But it got done. We got to do a little bit of finding before we had to leave at 5:00 for Sackville. The Zone Leaders told us to leave Yarmouth at 5:00 to get to Sackville by 9:00, but when we were on the road we realized that we were going to get there at about 8:00, so we decided to make a little stop in Hammond's Plain to see Emile and Peggy (The man I baptized in Sackville and his wife). It was so awesome getting to see them! Emile about died when he opened the door and I was standing there! It was fantastic! I love them so much :D We got to spend about an hour with them before having to head to Sackville. That was pretty much our night. I stayed in the Sackville apartment, so it was kinda like old times :D

Thursday: It was a long day of driving. I stayed with the Sackville Elders for the morning, and then went to the Temple at 2:00 to pick up Elder Beckman. After we had picked him up, we went back to Sackville to put all his stuff in our car, and then hit the road back to Yarmouth. We basically just spent the rest of the night driving home to Yarmouth and then having supper at 9:00.

Friday: Weekly planning. After planning we did a ton of finding. Like a lot. We had to play catch up after the week, so it was a ton of finding.

Saturday: About the same story as Friday, still trying to play catch up.
Found this on a stop sign... Did we stop Kony?

Sunday: We got to go up to Annapolis Royal for the broadcast of the Temple dedication in Montreal. That was pretty awesome! I loved it! After that we came home and did a lot of less active work. That was pretty well our day.

That's about it for this week. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hockey hockey, moose moose, maple leaf, sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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