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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sometimes service projects can be pretty fun :D

Well Hello there!
Well, I guess I will actually get around to writing a blog letter, because I know you are all chomping at the bit to see what is going on in the exciting life of Elder Nielsen!
I will see if I can think up anything for you this week :D

Monday: Pday... again, nothing too exciting. We bought milk, that was about it. We wrote our emails, and did normal pday stuff like laundry and junk. We are pretty boring people for pdays... after pday we knocked on some doors, and called some people out of our area book. I'm pretty sure that was about it for Monday.
This is a cream puff... Not your average cream puff..
They are $2.00 at this little hole in the wall bakery that we found in the boonies

Tuesday : Tuesday was a pretty normal day. We street contacted in the morning, and in the afternoon we went and did service at the Museum Archives. We had a lesson with a Less Active member. We went and got the oil in our car changed, always a good time. We had supper with some stellar members. We knocked on some more doors. We had branch council. To finish off the night we had another lesson with a less active member.

Wednesday: Remembrance Day.Did you all wear your Poppies? Probably not if you don't live in Canada.... We had District meeting in Annapolis Royal like usual. We started about an hour late because when everyone showed up, we realized that nobody actually had a key to the building, so the missionaries who used to be the Annapolis Royal Elders went around until they finally found someone who had a key to the building to come and let us in. That was super fun. We finally got back to Yarmouth just in time to have a lesson with a less active member. It went pretty well. The branch here had a Remembrance Day Supper at the church, so we spent a good amount of the evening setting up and attending that. It was really good. Turkey Dinner is always a treat! To finish up the night, we had, wait for it, another lesson with a less active member! It was a pretty good day.

Fire Selfie
Thursday: We left pretty early with a member to go and do a service project in Wedgeport, about 25 minutes from Yarmouth. What kind of service you may ask? Well, we went out to a good friend of this member's home, and we burnt all the brush in her back yard. Sometimes service projects can be pretty fun :D It was a good time, and Elder Ashby got to burn his Year mark shirt, so that was pretty great. We got back to the apartment to find out that they had done some painting in our apartment, and fixed a leak in the ceiling, so we couldn't use the shower... We had to smell like bonfire the rest of the day. We had supper with a member of the branch. Our Mission President wanted to get to know all of the new members, so Joey had a Skype call with him that evening that we got to come with him to. It was pretty cool :) That was pretty much our night.

Friday: Weekly planning.. More finding, lots of knocking. We had supper with some members, they are such a fun family :D and then back to finding. A pretty uneventful day.

Saturday: LOTS of finding! We spent a lot of time out talking to people. We had a lesson with Joey in the afternoon, and then went back to finding. Again, pretty uneventful day.
I decided to start a photo series called
 "Weird ways that my companion falls asleep"
.. But I only got a couple of pictures...
I call this one "Falling off bed, still fully clothed."

Sunday: Transfer letters. I am staying here in Yarmouth and my companion is getting sent to Woodstock, New Brunswick. My new companion is going to be Elder Tanner Beckman from Arizona. That makes 8 out of 10 companions American, haha! Yeah... Other than that, it was a pretty good Sabbath. Not much to say.
And I call this one, "No study, just shoe pillow". Art right there.

There ya go, that was our week!

I hope everything is going well with you back home :)

Love your guts,
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh? *Nova Scotia Sucking Noise*
Elder Nielsen

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