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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ghost Chili Peppers... BAD IDEA....

Well, I am on early today... Which is weird, so I guess I will write this letter now :D
From a while back. Elder Ashby and I had a combined birthday with some members
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Things have been pretty quiet this week. Nothing overly exciting. I will see if I can remember anything interesting that happened this week, but I'm pretty sure it was mostly talking to people... We will see

The Ghost Chili Peppers
Monday: Pday. Mostly writing emails.. We didn't have money to go shopping, so... yeah... We pretty much didn't do anything.. Haha! Monday night we went out and talked to some people.. Knocking isn't so much fun now that it gets dark really early, and the only time that is good for knocking on doors is in the evening, so it is 6:00 and pitch black.. Not so much fun. Oh... okay, I lied. Something interesting did happen on Monday. Our District Leader and his companion came down for a surprise visit. For a bit of a "Bonding activity" that night, he brought down some Ghost Chili Peppers... BAD IDEA.... We got them all prepared, and each ate a full one. In about 5 mintues, between the four elders that were there, we downed a full 4 liter of milk... Those things burn like none other... OUCH!!!! And the full effect didn't hit until later that night. I was up all night with stomach pains, and the DL and his Companion were throwing up all night... Not so much fun. That was a bad idea. Don't do it.

Tuesday: Our plans got kind of shaken up because we had the DL there, so we had to make completely new plans. one of us did the plan that we had already made, and the other had to go and do something else. And then nothing really got done anyways. The DL went home at like 4:00, so we had the rest of the night to work by ourselves. We had supper with some members, and then went and knocked on some doors.

Wednesday: We had District meeting in Annapolis Royal for the last time this week. They took the missionaries out of Annapolis, and are moving them to Greenwood (Not that all these places actually mean anything to you guys, but.. yeah...) It was actually a really big change. They are closing Annapolis Royal for missionaries, and so they moved the Annapolis Elders to Greenwood, the Greenwood Sisters got moved to Sackville. So we lost the only sisters in our district. We stopped at a little restaurant called "Sunken Dory's" for pizza after District Meeting, and picked up the two guys that work there as Potential investigators for the now Greenwood Elders.. It's funny how things start happening when they close an area, haha! We had supper with some HILARIOUS members, and then had our Branch Council meeting. We finished the night by visiting some Less Active members.

Thursday: It was actually a really slow, quiet day... Nothing big.. Lots of talking to people. We had a lesson with a potential fall through. She didn't show up, so that was a bummer. We went and read the Book of Mormon with a less active member. I love reading the Book of Mormon with people, it's my favourite :D
A photo of a photo... I got stabbed in the neck while helping Joey move.
Friday: Most of the day was spent out trying to talk to people. Not much success. Friday was the day for Halloween parties.. We had our branch Halloween Carnival. That was really fun. We ran a beanbag toss booth. Fun stuff :D

Saturday: Happy Halloween! We went out and tried to street contact in the morning, but the streets were absolutely dead. It was crazy how there was nobody outside. We had Brunch (which turned into an all day event... it was crazy!) With a less active family. They are fun :D We had to be in our apartment by 5:00, so we made a quick run to Bulk Barn to stock up on Candy for the trick-or-treaters... That we didn't have... So we have a bunch of candy all to ourselves 

Sunday: Oh man.... So nobody remembered to tell the Missionaries that the time change was happening, so we got up and studied and got ready, and came to church to set up the sacrament, and then... Nobody showed up... And we were getting really worried... and then about a half hour later the Branch Presidency finally showed up, and we found out what was going on... so I missed my extra hour of sleep.. I wasn't a happy camper about that one, haha!  But yeah, other than that, it was a pretty normal Sabbath. We took the sacrament to some Shut-in Members, and visited some less active members. That's about it. 

So yeah, that was our week, super exciting, eh?

I hope everyone is doing well, not too many injuries or anything like that.

Love your guts, have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen



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