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my card

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 21 (Late posting cause Mom is a slacker!)

Merry Christmas from Yarmouth!
Alright, so my weekly letter is going to have to be short again, because I forgot again! My bad!! But Hey, I get to see some people on Friday, so that will be pretty great!

This is what Elder Beckman and I made for the
 Missionary White Elephant exchange.
We found all of the bad pictures from every missionaries
 Facebook and made a collage with them.
It was pretty awesome :D
Monday: Pday, we spent a lot of time making our gift for the missionary White Elephant gift exchange. Which came out pretty great if you ask me! other than that, we did some finding, and that was about it.

Tuesday: We tried to get some finding in. We had a lot going on with service appointments (the Archives, and then we sung at a seniors home), so we didn't end up actually doing so much work... ooops... But we did have a great supper appointment with some great members :)

Wednesday: We left Yarmouth just before 6:00am so we could get to Halifax in time to practice my musical number for Zone Conference. Yeah.. I decided to sing even though I'm sick... That wasn't my best choice, but I did it anyways. It was alright, but it probably didn't sound to great! 

Thursday: Lots of work. We had to make up time after the beginning of our week.

Friday: Weekly planning and a lot of work. Again, trying to make up time.

Saturday: Lots of work. We finished up everything that we had to do though :P It was good. 

Sunday: Relax. Happy Sabbath. It was good! We had a couple of lessons with some less active members, so that is always fun. It was a good day.

Sorry I'm a worm, but I will try to do better next week!

Love you all!

Alright... confession time... I am a Twenty year old male, and I still have a bunch of stuffed animals... and the are all named....  Starting from the Far Right: The big Moose is Toby, The Dragon is Bruce, The smaller darker Moose is Pierre. In the front: The smaller moose is Keith, and the Lobster is Jaques :)

Hey look, I got a haircut after that Christmas picture :D

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