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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 28 - It was a great Christmas!

Hey there!

Well, here we are again. Today is the day after Boxing day, so all of Canada is still shut down for the Holidays, and nothing exciting is going on. Mum and Dad would love it hear, because the Post Office Closes at 4:00 on Christmas eve, and nobody has to work again until the day after Boxing day. So basically we just don't get mail for like, a week. Oh, and I guess everyone will be wondering, I am getting transferred this week. I'm going to be going to Sydney, Cape Breton. Basically I'm moving from the most southern tip of Nova Scotia to the most northern tip of Nova Scotia. It's basically just freezing cold there all winter, and has lots of snow and lots of wind. It's going to be fun! It's like going to Newfoundland without having to get on an airplane (or at least that's what I hear). I'm going to be the District Leader for the smallest district in our mission. The District is only my companion and me, one other set of Elders (who live in the same apartment) and a senior couple. It's a pretty small district. 

Well, I guess I will see if I can think up anything super exciting for this week... And, you guys are going to laugh, but I just left my planner on the desk at home when I left, so I don't have my brain here, so It's going to be all from memory now... Oops...

Monday: Pday. We really didn't do anything terrible exciting... We went shopping, and got all ready for the week that we were going to have... Nothing to fancy..

Tuesday: It was really our only work day of the week. We went out and talked to as many people as we could. Not much luck. But we were able to meet with some less active members, so that is always good. We helped a member stack some wood in his sons basement. It's wood stacking season again. Other than that, it was just a lot of working :)

Wednesday: District meeting.... I really didn't miss having to prepare District meetings so I guess it's a bummer that I'm going to be a District Leader again, eh? No, I'm going to love it, I just need to get back into the swing of it. We got to work a little bit on Wednesday, but we were only supposed to work until 6:00 and then do our weekly planning. So our Wednesday wasn't terribly exciting. We did have a Supper Appointment with some members who fed us great food! Rappie Pie is so awesome! I loved it! That was basically our Wednesday.

Thursday: We only had to work until 4:00 on Christmas Eve, so we didn't have anything too exciting happen during the day. We spent the rest of the evening making Lemon Fudge, and other goodies, and taking them around to people (because I guess we are suddenly Sister Missionaries...). It was great. We stopped by the members who fed us on Wednesday, to pick up something that I had left behind, and to give them some goodies, and we just happened to get there right in time for them to feed us a second time! This time it was Lobster Supper! It was GREAT!!! I love lobster! I am so thankful to them! It was great!

Friday: Merry Christmas! It was a great Christmas! I loved getting to see everyone on Skype! It was so awesome! That's always a great Christmas gift :) We spent the rest of the day with a couple of members that invited us over for supper. It was great! Turkey Dinner, and getting to spend time with some great company :) Good stuff :D 
Saturday: Happy Boxing Day! We didn't have to work, we just had to spend the day planing for the new transfer, and getting everything ready for the upcoming year. Nothing too exciting. We spent some time with some more members, and ate lots of food.

Sunday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE BROTHER, DERICK!!! Sorry I forgot to say it on the call on Friday! It was pretty much a normal day.. Nothing too exciting... Transfer Letters came out, so that's fun! Basically that was it.

So that was my week. 

Hope you all had a great week!

Love you all so much!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen
A clip of our Skype visit with Jeff on Christmas - he demonstrates the "Nova Scotia Suck" and maybe you can hear his heavy Canadian accent we had to give him a hard time about.

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