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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loud ties and crazy socks are my favourite thing in the world.

Well, hello there!


The first snowball of the winter!
I decided that I was going to be a good missionary today, and write this letter first, so that I don't have panic about it at the end of my time on the computer. So yeah, here you go :)

So, the information that I gave you last week about my transfer was not completely correct. There were some changes made to the transfer list after it went out. So I am still serving in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but I am not companions with Elder Holtby. My new companion is actually Elder Eneko Lerminez. He is from France, and he is super hilarious! I love the guy! Oh, and I am also not the DL here. That got changed as well. So yeah, that is what actually happened here. We basically just whitewashed all of Sydney and Eskasoni. Three new missionaries in one apartment, with only one Elder who knows what is going on. It made for an exciting weekend. 
The beginning of the snow in Yarmouth 

So, lets see if I can think up anything interesting about this week to tell you. You aren't even going to be surprised when I say this, because I think I do it at the beginning of every single transfer, but I left my old planner at home, so basically I have no brain right now... So I will see what I can remember off the top of my head.

Monday: Pday. Not too much going on for Pday. We didn't even have to go food shopping, so that was nice! We went looking around the mall for Boxing Day sales. They have changed Boxing Day from just being the day after Christmas to being a whole weekend + Monday of crazy sales and what not, so we decided to see if we could find anything worth buying. I bought socks. Loud ties and crazy socks are my favourite thing in the world. I have to have something to be able to stand out as a missionary, haha! Other than that, we didn't really do too much. I started packing, and we cleaned the apartment. It was a good time.

Tuesday: It was a pretty normal Proselyting day. We went out and did the Missionary thing and talked to people and stuff. Good times all around. I packed up my desk, so basically all I had to take around with me was my scriptures. I had to use all of my bags to pack up my stuff. I have away a HUGE black garbage bag full of clothing to the Salvation Army. I went through all of my stuff and anything that I hadn't worn for more than 6 months got put in the bag. My suitcases are much lighter now! It's a beautiful thing. We had supper with an older couple in the branch. that was really nice. That was about it for Tuesday. Oh, also it snowed. A lot. That's not so much fun.
Hour 4 of it snowing.

Wednesday: Again, it was a pretty normal proselyting day. We had lunch with an older member and her Grandchildren. That was fun! Sweet people. We basically spent the rest of the day talking to people, and I finished up packing my stuff in the evening. 

Thursday: We left Yarmouth at around 9:00 in the morning. We made a little pit stop in Hammonds Plains to visit Emile and Peggy-Anne (the man I baptised in Sackville, and his wife). We had lunch with them, and got to have a little visit :) After that, we made our way to the Temple to wait for the Transfer van to show up so I could grab my companion and make our way to Sydney. The van was supposed to be in Dartmouth at 2:00, but it didn't actually show up until about 4:00, so we didn't get all put together, and get out of Dartmouth until about 4:20 ish...  It was a long drive, and we finally got to Sydney at about 8:30.  

Friday; Not much went on Friday. Being New Years Day, we weren't supposed to be out proselyting or anything, so we just worked on getting ourselves put together for the new transfer. It's going to be good!

Saturday: Our first actual work day in Sydney. It was pretty great. We played Street Hockey in the Morning (we do every Saturday) with a group of members/investigators. That was super fun! After that we went out street contacting, and found a guy who is willing to talk. We are going to be having a meeting with him in the next week. We also got to have lessons with two of our three investigators. They are both from China (there are a lot of Chinese people here because of the University). They lessons went really well, and one of them is now preparing to be baptized on January 30! That is going to be great!

Sunday: Both of our investigators that we taught on Saturday came to church! It was pretty great. We got to go to Branch Choir (It's so nice to be in a branch that has a choir again), and with the weather getting bad, and the Choir Director living so far away, I was elected to be the Stand-in choir director if she can't be there (Elder Lerminez volunteered me, haha!), so that should be fun :) We got a media referral sent to us by the Dartmouth Sisters because it had been sent to them by mistake. This guy is incredible! He taught us the restoration when we went to visit him. He has been talking to the Missionaries in Salt Lake via, and has been doing a lot of reading and watching all of the church videos. He says he wants to get baptized, so that is pretty great! We are going to be meeting with him again today (Monday). After our lesson with him, we had supper with some members who live on an Alpaca Farm! That was pretty awesome! Elder L. LOVES alpacas! He was super excited to see them! Overall, it was a pretty great day.

Yeah, so that was our week. Not too shabby I would say! 

Well, I hope you all had a great week as well! Don't have too much fun out there!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

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