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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pink cream soda is a normal thing


Just kidding, I'm not the Spanish missionary. Just the crazy Canadian one :D Another week has come and gone. Sometimes it's crazy how time moves around here. There are weeks that feel like they last for eternity, and then there are weeks that feel like they went by far too quickly. It was a quick one.

I don't think anything too crazy happened this week, so I'll do my very best to make up something for you! Just kidding, I'm not going to do that, that would be not so fun.

Monday: Another average P-Day. We didn't do anything too exciting, except the laundry, that was pretty crazy, ya know? After our P-day was over, we went had had Family Home Evening with the Elders Quarem Presidents family. That was so fun. They have a bunch of little kids, and they all have so much energy! I don't think the parents were having fun, but I sure was!

Tuesday: We tried to do some bus contacting on Tuesday morning, but ended up getting on the wrong bus, and it was just us on there. We got dropped off at a grocery store, and tried to do some parking lot contacting, but got yelled at because it was privately owned, and there was no soliciting in the area.... We only ended up talking to like 5 people in that time we were out... It was pretty exciting.  Later in the day we went over to a less active members house and started laying down tile for him. Basically I'm just going to be a flooring expert by the time I get home. Elder B got sick this week, so we didn't end up getting to go to the Seniors Home, we though it would be best not to get all of the seniors sick. I just couldn't have the guilt of dead old people on my head. So we knocked a lot... Really exciting stuff.

Wednesday: Zone Training. Tuesday night at about 8:30 we were asked if we could do a musical number at Zone Training the next day. They wanted us to sing Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy, A Capella, with 2 other Elders that we had never met or sang with before. So obviously we said yes, and practiced like crazy in the half hour they gave us before training started. It went well, and we all sang like the little angles that we are. We went on exchanges for the night, so Elder B went with the district leader to Bridgewater, and I tool his companion home with me (Actually he took me back home, because I'm not aloud to drive mission vehicles... Lousy driving record....) We worked together through the night, and he got to experience some of the crazy life here in Sackville. We got to meet with T, and she is doing really well... Only problem is that she is getting married and moving just outside of our area... We are going to have to transition her over to the Wolfville sisters... It's kind of a bummer.

Thursday: I got to introduce Elder C to some of the less active members, and found out that there are a couple of people we teach that you really shouldn't take new people to... Lesson received loud and clear. I got Elder Blum back at about 5:00 and we went back to Sackville to teach our Family History class, which, big surprise here, nobody showed up to... again... But that's okay, it gave us time to do out and dome some work.

Friday: We did a lot of planning and door knocking. We got all of our weekly planning and correlation meetings with the sisters done by 3:00 and we ended up spending the rest of the night knocking. We found out that another one of our investigators is moving, but he is staying in our area. He just doesn't want us trying to contact him until he is done, so we cant talk to him for the next couple of week... I'm afraid we are going to lose him.....

Saturday: Conference was great, it just doesn't leave a lot of time for working... We got to watch it projected at the church, and almost nobody showed up to the first two sessions... I'm assuming everyone was watching from home, but they just weren't there. There was an Elders social before the Priesthood session, and they offered free food, so we had a pretty good gathering for that. By the way, cream soda in Canada is pink... I didn't know that... Pink cream soda is a normal thing around here... I'm still blown away by that.

Sunday: Another great day of Conference. We  were supposed to have an investigator come to the first afternoon session (around here the sessions are 1:00-3:00 and 5:00-7:00 with the priesthood session at 9:00-11:00), but she didn't show up, so we had a nice talk with a recent convert. She is a fantastic lady! I really enjoy talking to her.  There was a nice potluck dinner between sessions, and then President gave us a call and invited us to the Mission home for the final session of Conference. And of course you cant have a giant missionary gathering without serving supper, so there was another meal served there... I'm surprised that I didn't explode. Going back into the apartment last night, I fell down the stairs and jacked up my back and my hip. But I don't think its too bad, I can still walk and move, so we aren't going to get it checked out. I'll survive :D

And that was my week. Not so much going on in the Sackville area. I'm trying to keep it exciting for the spectators at home, but I'm not doing so grand of a job at that. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I love you all so much!

Don't do drugs, crack is whack, stay in school, only you can prevent forest fires

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, maple leaf, Sorry about that, Eh
Elder Nielsen

PS: The leaves just turned red, and there is Red Maple leafs EVERYWHERE!!!! It is so cool! I promise to send a picture next time. I'm a bad missionary and forget my camera a lot...

PSS: We are only aloud to listen to MOTAB music, and we only have 1 CD that we are borrowing from the Sister Missionaries... I'm going crazy.... 

PSSS: I love your faces!

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