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Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Got the coat mom sent - and it FITS!



Wow... This week really seemed to just fly past. I don't know where the time even goes! I really hope I have something interesting for you this time! I never think I do, but then I actually get writing, and sometimes I get lucky and remember things... Here's hoping!

Spider Picture - as promised
Monday:  It was a pretty average P-day. We ate a pizza, as is P-day tradition, and we spent most of the day cleaning and sleeping in the apartment. We are really exciting :P We didn't end up having to much more going on that night, we had Family Home Evening and only one person actually showed up, so we had fun with them and everyone else just missed out. After FHE we went out knocking, and ended up running into a less-active member by accident. He lied to us and told us that he had never met missionaries before and whatnot... We didn't find out that he was a member until we got back to the apartment and looked in our Area Book... Talk about awkward.
Autumn Colors
Tuesday: We ended up doing a lot of finding time, but didn't actually talk to a lot of people. We went walking in the Park Tuesday morning, but the only people that we found there were a bunch of teenagers skipping class and smoking weed.... None of them wanted to hear about the gospel, they just wanted to be stupid and yell profanities at us as we walked past... I do have to give them points for creativity though, they came up with some combinations of words that I never could have possibly thought of. Later in the evening we got to meet with my favorite less-active member, that's always great! and then on to some knocking! We didn't get to talk to a lot of people, and the less active members we tried to see avoided us, so that was a bummer. We had to go back the the apartment early because Elder Blum got a major headache, so he fell asleep early, and I did paper work for the rest of the night, it was pretty great.

Colored leaves seen while walking
Wednesday: We had District Meeting down in Bridgewater on Wednesday, so that was a fun drive. The meeting was fun as always, and afterwards we ended up doing an overnight exchange. I left Elder Blum in Bridgewater and the District Leader came back to Sackville with me. I didn't have anything to exciting planned, so I just took him knocking, and we didn't a bit of contacting that way. Later that evening, all of the less-active members that we had planned to see cancelled on us, and it was too dark to go out knocking, so we went back to the apartment and did 12 week training. Super fun stuff :P

Thursday: We had a pretty good morning on Thursday. We got in to see a less-active member that we had never met with before... He was a really nice guy, and loves the church, he just isn't interested in coming back (really crazy family reasons). We did a little 12 week training, and then went to see our Recent Convert. She is fantastic, I love going to see here every week. She is the one who was baptized the day before I got into Sackville. She is so great! After her, we went down to Hubbards and did a companion switch-back. It's good to have Blum back. We went and taught our Family History class, and two people actually showed up! And there was an extremely huge spider hanging out in the church (a picture will be provided).  We finished out the night by stopping by a members home and having a nice visit. Great day

Friday: Friday was pretty interesting. We ended up meeting with a few less-active members, and some of those meetings really make me realize how well I have it. There are some people who have really hard lives... After that we did a lot of knocking, and actually picked up a new investigator... Only issues is he doesn't know he is an investigator... He only really counts as a new investigator because our meeting with him fit all of the criteria (gospel discussion, prayer, return appointment). We don't know how to tell him that he officially investigating the LDS church :P It was a pretty good day, as it always is when you actually find someone who will listen to you!

Saturday: I was pretty sure it was going to be a super-flood and we were going to have another Noah incident. It rained all day! But we didn't let that stop us, we went out and worked anyways. We went and did service at a members house, helping him clean up some trees that he had to cut down. Who know that two trees could produce such a ridiculous amount of wood? Later we went out knocking in the rain. No raincoats, just our suits. It was pretty fantastic. There was one lady who opened her door and she said, and I kid you not. "What are you doing out in the rain? It is a sin for you to be knocking out in the rain....I'M NOT LETTING YOU IN! Go warm up in your car!" It was so funny we almost died of laughter! Apparently people don't feel sympathy for you when it's wet out... 

Big smiles before heading to 2nd Thanksgiving Dinner
Sunday: Fast Sunday... A day of fast has never felt so slow before! Time seriously crawled yesterday. We had fast and testimony meeting, and there were only a few awkward testimonies, not as bad as back home. We started ward choir, and that is something that we get to do because it seriously needs help! I love having a chance to sing. We got to have supper with a great family, I love them! They have 5 little boys, and there is just so much energy in the home! It's so great! Then to top of the night we got to meet with my favorite Eternal Investigator. Good guy, I just really wish he would get baptized already!  

And that leads us back to today, Canadian Thanksgiving! People eat so much food here, I feel like I'm about to explode! And I still have one more Turkey dinner to go! I'm going to be praying really hard to make it through this supper without throwing up! 

I hope everyone is doing well, I don't think I'm going to have a lot of time to do individual emails today, so I hope you all have a fantastic week! I was so happy to get the Shakespeare scores from everyone! I'm sad I couldn't be there! 

I love ya'll so much! Have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielse

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