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Monday, October 27, 2014

(I'm Really Bad at Making up Titles....​)

Hello again! 

Another week is already over... That's crazy sauce. And it's already the end of my 2nd transfer... and my 3 month mark is on Thursday... Time is an insane concept.

Well, lets see if I can't make up a few stories for you this week :P

Monday: Almost your average P-Day, but there was a twist. We spent the day doing the normal things, shopping and whatnot, and then we went to go knocking a little bit before Family Home Evening. We picked street fairly close to the church so we would have time to get back in time to do the lesson. Big mistake. It only took us about three houses to realize that we were knocking in the Sackville Red Light district... It's okay, only one house actually invited us in, and we were smart enough to say no. But other than that, it was your average day!

Tuesday: Tuesday was incredibly long. We went over to help a less-active member move because his mom is sick and either she had to move into his little apartment, or they had to go to her house. Well, we showed up and he said "great, you're here! I'll start packing". What was supposed to be an hour move ended up taking almost 5 hours... We didn't get a lot else done that night. We did go over to the Ward Mission Leaders house for supper, and got to talk about the ward mission plan a little bit. We got almost no finding hours in, and talked to almost no body... oops

Wednesday: District meeting in Bridgewater. That drive is forever long... Actually it's only like an hour, but it feels like forever! It was a really great district meeting though, so it was worth the million hour drive. After driving back, we decided to go meet with a less-active lady. She is single, so we have to meet outside, and it was pouring rain... It was an adventure with umbrellas! We went knocking after, and let me tell you, and I'm pretty sure I have said it before, people take no mercy on you when you are crazy enough to be knocking out in the rain. It's fun to be out in the rain though, so we just trot along our merry way. We went back to the church later that night to teach our Family History class, and we only had one person show up, so I wen't in the corner and worked on some records that needed updating while the other missionaries taught the class, I'm a huge help :P

Thursday: We spent all day on Thursday calling and visiting other churches for an interfaith event that the ward is trying to put together... Did you know that a lot of other churches are not so friendly when two Mormon missionaries walk through their front doors? It was really weird walking into other people churches... Like, uber weird.... but we did it, and got a couple of people interested. We even went over to Kingdom Hall, and they were super nice to us! That was a super adventure!

Friday: Friday was super crazy, and a little stressful. We started out with weekly planning, and then went out knocking. While out knocking, all of the people we had lessons with called and changed the time of their lesson, so we had to do some emergency scheduling changes. But, everything worked out, and we ended up picking up a new investigator, so it was a very great day!

Saturday: We spent the whole day out in Windsor. Windsor is another place that is like a million hours away... It's actually only a half hour away... But I really hate driving now... and I'm not even aloud to drive, so I hate being in the car for very long. But, our time in Windsor paid off and we picked up a new investigator!  It has been a good week for new investigators! Later that night was Stake Conference, and that was great!

Sunday: We had lots of lessons planned for Sunday, and every one of them fell through, all of them for super crazy reason... I don't know what happened, but everyone had a very crazy day. One of our investigators got head lice, and another one of them fell off the face of the earth... We had supper at Bishops house, and that was so fun! He has a great family. We spent the rest of the night trying to get back in touch with the investigator that disappeared... Strage, strange day...

And that leads us back to today! The fun never stops here in Sackville!

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week! I love all of you!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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