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Monday, December 15, 2014

A BAPTISM IS COMING! ...... and a transfer........

Me rocking my Sackville pride (and it's a hockey jersey, so what is more Canadian than that?)

What a week it has been! I can honestly say this has been one of the more crazy weeks of the mission so far! I have a lot of stories to tell this week :P

Monday: It was probably the most sane day of the week. We did all the normal P-day things, went shopping, and shopped at some thrift stores. Later we had Family Home Evening and only one person showed up. Even the Sisters didn't come. So we had a nice FHE with just myself, Elder Hansen, and a less-active member. It was a pretty good night. The sisters had prepared the lesson, so we didn't end up having one... we just played a game and had fun. 

Tuesday: The rain started. We went out street contacting. The rain continued. We had a great visit with a less-active member, and got a lot of things worked out with her. It kept raining. We had supper with an awesome family, they are such great member missionaries! Still raining. We finally made it out to go sing at the Seniors Home again, and they loved it! I missed singing for them! The rain kept on coming down.  Biggest storm of the year so far. 

Wednesday: More Rain. CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE! It was pretty great! We got to watch Meet the Mormons, and had a silly talent show, and a white elephant gift exchange. For lunch, President took us out to Swiss Chalet and we were aloud to order either the 1/4 chicken or the 1/2 chicken.  (They literally just cut a whole chicken in half and bring it out to you.) It was a pretty great night. At the end of the conference we found out that the Highway had flooded and we had to stay in Halifax for a while. We went to the Stake Choir rehearsal because it was held in Halifax, and thanks to my handy-dandy GPS, at the end of the night we were able to find some back roads back to Bedford to drop the sisters off, and make it back to Sackville safely.

Thursday: We had a lot of stuff planned for Thursday, but at about 10:00 in the morning we got a phone call from one of our investigators saying that a house he was working on had completely flooded overnight and he needed our help bailing it out. So we spent the rest of the day in the basement of a house with a Water-Vac taking Gallons and Gallons of water out of this house. It was pretty sad. We did our best, but in the end we weren't able to save the carpeting, so it all had to be taken out. After we left the house we showered off and were just about to head out the door to do work when we got a call from the Halifax Sisters saying that they needed help with a service project that they were doing.  So, we jumped in the car and drove back out to Halifax to the rescue. We spent the whole day doing service. We did make it back in time to meet with a less-active member, so we did end up doing at least a little bit of missionary work :P finally we got back to the apartment, and it started to rain again.

Friday: We were supposed to have weekly planning, but we got another phone call. It rained all night and we had to go back and help with the house again. It was terrible. The entire floor had rotted. There was even Black Mold starting to grow. We scraped all the staples out of the floor so it could be treated, and finished taking the carpet out of all the rooms. We had another full day of cleaning out this sad little house. We got home late in the evening, and were just about to sit down for weekly planning when we got a call from a ward member asking if we could come help set up for the Ward Christmas Party. So, we spent a majority of the night setting up tables and putting up lights and getting ready for a party. We were able to find a little bit of time at the end of the night for weekly planning, so it all worked out in the end.

Saturday: Saturday was a little more calm, but also really exciting! We did a normal day of contacting, and had a great meeting with a less-active member. That night we had the Ward Christmas party. We thought that we would be able to just go and mingle and talk with people, but we came in and they put us right to work. We ended up not being able to go to the party at all because we were stuck in the kitchen serving food! It was really fun though. After the party was over, our investigator that came to the party came up to Elder Hansen and I and told us that he is ready to be baptized! We are meeting with him today (Monday December 15) to work out all the details! I'm so excited for him!

Sunday: It was a pretty interesting Sunday.... We got transfer letters first thing in the morning. I'm being transferred down to Bridgewater to be the District Leader for the district that I'm in right now... That's pretty exciting! I spoke during sacrament, and lost most of my talk, so it ended up being really short, and I'm hoping that it was okay... And then we finished out the night by performing in a Musical fireside put on by the stake with the Stake Choir that we had been rehearsing with. I Ended up having a Solo in "Oh Holy Night", and that was pretty fun. It was a beautiful night of music! I loved it! 

So yeah... that was my week. It was pretty great. Lot's of stuff going on! 

I hope everyone is having a good week, I will have to get you my new address when I get down to Bridgewater! Have a great week, and don't forget to #sharthegift ! Merry Chirstmas! 

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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