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Monday, December 29, 2014

All in all, it was a pretty great week

Eh, Me Duckies!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! It is an amazing time of the year! What a week it has been. Like always, things are crazy here in Atlantic Canada. I actually brought my planner with me this time, so I might be able to remember something that we did, haha.
Monday: It was a pretty average Pday. Nothing too special. We took a nap, and cleaned our apartment. After the pday festivities, we went over to a members home for supper. It is strange having to get used to all new members again. Its like being green all over again. But it's all fun, and great getting to know new people! After supper we went and visited a recent convert. Great guy. Overall it was a pretty average day, nothing overly exciting.
Tuesday: It was interesting on Tuesday. I ended up doing a lot of area book work in the morning. In that area book work, I called a former investigator and asked if they would still be interested in meeting with missionaries. Her answer? "Well, yeah... I'm getting baptised tonight..." The sisters had a baptism that night, and nobody told me... Awkward situation... But I got to go to a baptism, and be one of the witnesses, so that was fun. It ended up being a pretty great day!
Wednesday: I gave my first ever district training on Wednesday! That was interesting... I hope it comes with time, or else this district leader thing is going to be uber awkward... But, I survived and made it through the day. That evening we went out to Liverpool to visit some members and had a great time. They cooked up some muscles, and we forced some of the missionaries who hate seafood to try them. It was fantastic! We went back to Bridgewater and had supper with our Landlords. They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. After supper they recruited us to go carolling with them, because it was something that they had been doing with their children for over 35 years, and they didn't want to give it up now just because nobody was home for Christmas. It was so much fun! It was a fantastic way to close out the night.
Thursday: CHRISTMAS! It was a pretty good Christmas here. It was +15C and pouring rain, so just for the information of you back home, it is possible, even in Canada, not to have a white Christmas. We ended up going around to a lot of members homes for Christmas. There are families here who have had the missionaries every year for Christmas, and weren't about to give that up just because someone else had them scheduled. We ate so much food! But that is the best part of the Holidays, eating until you want to explode! (The missionaries in Sackville forgot to bring my parcels, when they came down for district meeting, so I'm hoping I get to have my Christmas on New Years :D)
Friday: It was a rough day. Weekly planning. We visited a less-active family in the evening.... that's about it....
Saturday: Our plans got all out of whack on Saturday, so I don't actually know what we did... I just know it isn't what I wrote in my planner.... Sorry guys....
Sunday: It was a pretty good Sunday. We were doing a fast with the whole Zone, so not a ton of food was consumed. Church was pretty great. I had to stand up in Sacrament meeting and introduce myself to the ward. I am still awful at getting up an speaking without having anything planned. I haven't developed that magical missionary skill yet. It was probably the most undignified I have been in public in a long time. I ended my introduction with a thumbs up... It was pretty bad... But, hey, I'm not going to be forgotten any time soon, so there's that.
All in all, it was a pretty great week. Sorry it wasn't too long of a letter this time, I'll try harder next week to make it a good one.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and remembered to #ShareTheGift. You are all incredible and I love you!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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