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Monday, January 19, 2015

I saw a UFO right up close

EH! Hello!
Here we are again! I am so happy for it to be a Monday again! It was a long week!  It amazes me how short some weeks feel and how long others feel... It's crazy how it works... But somehow it does... Alright, that is enough rambling from me, let me see if I can think up any good stories for you....
Monday: It was basically your average P-day. We got pulled away from writing a little bit early because we had to go help one of the Mission Presidency drive some trucks to the dealership to be sold. There is a good chance that we are going to be getting a new car soon, so that would be pretty cool. Other than that, not a ton happened. We did all the normal shopping and what not, and then went out and did some work. It was pretty great!
Tuesday: We spent a good little chunk of time shovelling snow on Tuesday. Who knew that that was such hard work :P. There are lots of old people, and all of them need the snow cleared one way or another, so we are just the missionaries for the job! Later on in the afternoon, we went out to Mahone Bay to help the sisters with a Hot Chocolate stand. It didn't work out so well. We had great signs, and all, but we didn't realise until we were about half way done that we had set up shop next to a Tim Hortons... We lose compared to Tim's. But it was fun, and we got to talk to a couple of fun people in our Grungy little parking lot :P We spent the rest of the night our Home Teaching with the Ward Mission Leader, so it was a pretty full day.
Wednesday:  District meeting in Sackville. I forget how long of a drive it is between Bridgewater and Sackville until I'm driving it more than once a week. IT'S SO LONG! But District meeting was great, so that is really all that matters. The rest of the night was spent in meetings, so that's no fun... But we got what we needed accomplished, so that's good.
Thursday: Another long day of shovelling. We help a couple of the elderly members of the ward with their drives, and even got a Dinner appointment out of it. I am looking at my plans, and I have what we did written down, but for the life of me, I can't tell you what happened during that time... So I'm guessing it was a pretty great day with lots and lots of adventures ;D
Friday: We had an extended exchange with the Zone Leaders that started on Friday. It was a pretty great day. We did weekly planning, and went to help shovel someone out. The best part of the day was going to see one of the less-active members... He is crazy. He told us a big long story about a whole bunch of stuff, but I have a quote for you that will really illustrate exactly how nuts he was. This is what he told us when we asked him how he came to know the church was true: "I saw a UFO right up close, and it shot out a particle beam that split a hard-wood tree right in half. And that is when I knew the Book of Mormon was true. Because it was prophesy, and the Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Prophesy." If that doesn't scream crazy, I don't know what does!

Saturday: Elder D. and I spent the whole day out in Liverpool. We visited a whole slew of less-active members, and contacted a bunch of Formers and potentials from out there. It was a pretty productive day. We even had a lunch appointment AND a supper appointment out there, that is a real rarity! We finished out the day by knocking with the sisters, and making a lot of phone calls out of the Area Book.
Sunday: We spent almost all day in meetings and at church. We had a supper appointment with a really great member, and got to do a little bit of knocking before we had to drive out to Sackville to get Elder G. (There is a whole long story about why he was in Sackville when he was on exchanges in Kentville... It's a long confusing story...) at the end of the night I had the District Leader Skype call, and then it was time to go home.
So that was all that happened this week. Pretty boring, I know. I hope everyone is doing great!
I love you all so much, Have a fantastic week!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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