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Monday, January 26, 2015

I went swimming in the river today! #rebel

Mom asked for selfies of me not puffing up my cheeks, so I took more with me puffing up my cheeks!

Eh there!
I can not believe that another Transfer has come and gone. 4 down only 12 more to go! I don't think anything overly crazy happened this week, but then again, I don't think anything can top the crazy of last week. So I will see what I can remember from the week.
Monday: A pretty average P-day. Both my companion and I are poor again, so we didn't really go shopping (but that is okay, we had plenty of Ravioli and Popcorn to hold us over for a while :D) We had a supper appointment with the Stake President. He is such a great guy! I really enjoyed going over there. We were supposed to have an appointment with a potential that we found in the Area Book, but we ended up having to cancel because she went on vacation to Cape Breton. So really we ended up having to knock and do area book for the rest of the night. Normal missionary things :D

Mom sent me new sweaters - turns out I look good in purple!

Tuesday: Not a whole lot happened on Tuesday... We did a lot of knocking, and tried to get in contact with some Former Investigators (to no avail). We had a good correlation with the Sisters in the area, and finished the night by going home teaching with one of the Mission Presidency. That is about it for Tuesday.
Wednesday: We have so many meetings on Wednesdays. We had district meeting in Bridgewater this week, our last one as a complete district :( After a couple of hours of finding and what-not, we ended the day with Bishops Correlation, Ward Missionary Correlation, and Ward Council. Lots of meetings. By the end of the night, you never want to sit though another meeting ever again!
Thursday: We had another Correlation meeting first thing in the morning, and then we spent the rest of the day out in Lockeport (about 45 minutes past Liverpool). It was such a ridiculously long drive (that totally ate up our Kilometres...) but in the end it was worth it when we picked up an investigator! He has been going out to church with a friend in Cole Harbor (like 5 hours from his house) and just loves the LDS church, which says a lot because he was a Pentecostal minister. I'm really excited to start working with him! It's going to be great!
Friday: Weekly planning. During planning on Thursday, we decided not to use the car at all on Friday because we are completly dead on K's  so we spent the whole day walking from place to place, and street to street, almost like we are real missionaries :P It was pretty great. It gave a lot more time to actually talk to people, and not be sitting in the car for hours, it is something I am going to be doing a lot more now! We had a games night at the church and had a pretty good turn out. Lot's of members and non-members. It was a pretty exciting thing!
Saturday: Because it worked so well on Friday we decided to go out walking again on Saturday. We found some really interesting walking places where people take their dogs, so we got in some good contacts. We were supposed to go Home Teaching with a member of the ward, but the appointment fell though, so we ended up just doing the normal missionary thing for the rest of the night, nothing too new.
Sunday: Transfer Letters! I am going to be staying here in Bridgewater, but I am getting a new companion. It's going to be quite an interesting Transfer. We did a ton of member visits and then went to Supper with the Bishop. Great family! To finish off the night, we had a skype call with the Zone Leaders. Super fun stuff.

 I went swimming in the river today... #rebel
Really that is all that has happened this week. Nothing too exciting. Just the usual.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! You are all children of god and I love you! (and so does he)
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
Ugly ties for days!


I bought some art to lighten up our apartment

It was a package deal.

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