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Monday, February 9, 2015

A beautiful day in the Canada Halifax Mission!


I didn't take any pictures of me this week... So I took a selfie for you :D
(I am never getting a decent selfie am I?)
Hello Hello Hello!
What a beautiful day it is here in the Canada Halifax Mission! A Nice cloudy day with a balmy temperature of -13 and a gusty wind chill of -27! For all those back home still using the Imperial system that would be about 8 but feels like -17! It's all kinds of fun!
The Snow Drift outside our house - it's pretty cool.

Lets see if I can think up some good stories for you this week...

Monday: It was a pretty average P-day. You got the pictures that I sent last week. We went sledding! That was pretty fun... Except we got in trouble for that... I guess it counts as a winter sport... my bad. Nothing else really happened that day, we got a call from the mission president telling us that because of the snow we needed to stay indoors for the rest of the night. So we did... Not much else to tell.
Tuesday: We had a pretty good day... Really not much to tell about it. We spent the day contacting LA's and trying to see some former investigators. We picked up a new investigator which was pretty cool! She is the mum of a recent convert, and she is so fun to talk to! I'm excited to keep working with her.
The sweet planner the Sisters made for me.

Wednesday: It was a pretty interesting day. We didn't have district meeting, so I organised a skype call with the district just to get to know everyone a little better. It was pretty great. The district is super funny! Love those crazy kids!  Other than that, we spent most of the day doing our regular missionary thing, and then spent the rest of the night in meetings. Super exciting stuff.
Thursday: Oh man. We had to do weekly planning on Thursday because we had Zone Conference on Friday. That was just super exciting as always. We decided to drive out to Lockeport to try and get in contact with an investigator that we are having a hard time finding again (note: lockeport is about an hour and a half drive from Bridgewater). So we went all the way out there, and he wasn't home... That was a bummer... But it gave us a bunch of time to do some contacting out there. We got a ton of referrals. Then we came home and had supper with a super great family! It was fun :D
The back side of the planner.

Friday: ZONE CONFERENCE! It was great! We traveled out to Halifax first thing in the morning (it took us forever to get there because of all the snow on the ground, and all of the people driving like 30 KPH... I didn't like that so much, but we made it safely. It was a great conference! I learned so much! Really that was all that we did. It took up all day.
Saturday: We had a really full day! We had a meeting with the music director of the ward because we are putting together a music concert for the bridgewater area. It's going to be great! Right after the meeting we had to run back to the church and fill up the font for the baptism of a little boy in our ward. We started filling it up super hot, and I decided to turn the temperature down a little so I wouldn't be boiling the kid... bad choice... I forgot that the cold water this time of year is a lot colder than usual... The font was freezing by the time he got in... The poor boy was shivering through the whole thing.. but this was really cute, he got out of the font and said "I'm shivering, but I don't feel cold". I about cried! We had a lesson with one of our investigators, and ended up putting him on date for April 11! That's pretty exciting! All of our other lessons fell through, so thats about all we did on saturday.
The beautiful oceanside village of Lockeport (Believe it or not, there is an ocean and a village in the picture...)

Sunday: Church was pretty great. After we spent the rest of the night trying to hunt down some LA's that we were supposed to get in contact with. It was interesting... not many people are too receptive to missionaries coming to their door, even if they are already members! But, we found a few, and got to teach some lessons. I ended the night with a leadership skype call, and that was the end of our week.
Some of the icecicles outside the church (there are cooler ones now that I will have to get a picture of for you)
So there we are... That is everything that I did this week. Super exciting, right?
I hope everyone is doing well, and your not getting yourselves into too much trouble!
Have a fantastic week
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen
I guess to get a good picture of that boy I have to "Borrow" it from the "Mormons of Atlantic Canada" FB page!

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