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Monday, February 2, 2015

My first official Canadian Blizzard!

The Missionaries in my area
Sledding in a Suit
Hello there!
Haha, so funny story, I left my brain (my planner) at home and only brought my new planner, so I have no clue what we even did last week :P I am going to try and remember at least a little bit of it...
Monday: A pretty average P-day, still poor, so we didn't do a lot of shopping. My comp wanted to say good bye to everyone because he was leaving on Wednesday, so we went around and talked to a lot of people, and he said his goodbyes, and I stood awkwardly by because I knew I would be seeing all of them again in not too long a time... It was pretty great.

Tuesday: I survived my first official Canadian Blizzard! Oh man, there was a ton of snow... But did we still go out and do stuff? You bet we did. We went all the way to the church and correlated with the sisters, and then went to Tim's for hot chocolate, and then went back to the apartment for the rest of the day to work on area book and call members because we were forbidden to go out proselyting. It was quite the adventure (and the Tim's card from Mum really helped with the Hot Chocolate! Tim's is the best!)
Wednesday: Wednesday was pretty exciting. We had a lesson with an investigator at a members house, and that went really well! I love having people to teach again! After the lesson, we went out to Liverpool to do some work, and again say goodbye to some members out in that direction. It was a pretty fantastic time. Because of the weather, all of our meetings got cancelled, and we ended up being able to spend a little extra time out in Liverpool. After we had finished up, we got into the truck and headed out towards Dartmouth. We spent the night in the Great and Spacious building with like 15 other elders so that we could be up and ready to be at the mission office for transfers at 5:50. There were way too many elders in that apartment...
Thursday: I was the only elder who actually got up on time, so I ended up getting ready, and then waking everyone else up so that they could get to the mission office. Transfers went quite smoothly. We just dropped off one companion, and picked up another and went back on our way to Bridgewater. Easy as that. We spent the rest of the day out working and doing the regular missionary thing.
Friday: Instead of doing our normal weekly planning session, we had a meeting with the sisters and set up a transfer plan of everyone that we want to work with. We went through every file for every less active and for every part-member family, and discussed and decided if we were going to focus on them this transfer. It only took like 6 hours, no big deal. Afterwards we all went off to our own supper appointments, and then finished out the day by coming back to the church for Sports night. It was a pretty exciting day.
Saturday: Well... we started weekly planning, and then got a call from a member telling us that her son needed help moving. So we packed everything up, put on our service clothes, and went out to Lunnenburg to help out. When we were done, we then got to finally finish up our weekly planning. The rest of the day was spent doing your average everyday missionary stuff.
Sunday: Church! We had a ward fast for missionary work this week, so everyone got up and bore their testimony about missionary work and member-missionary work. It was so cool! I enjoyed it a ton! After church we had our normal correlation meeting, and then went out to work. We went around a visited former investigators that nobody has been able to get in contact with for a while. Not a ton of luck there. Lots of people either gone for the day, or won't answer the door because it is freezing outside... either way, not a ton of luck. But still not too bad a day :)
And there we go. That is about all that I can remember for this week. It's a really good thing that we have these nifty little planners, or my letters would be so awful every week!
I hope yous is having a great week! (Yes I did say "Yous is", It's a Nova Scotia thing... People say it all the time) I love you all so much
Stay safe, don't do drugs, crack is whack, only you can prevent forest fires, and in the words of one of the members out here "Don't bring home any stray animals!"

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen 

6 month tie burning celebration
Lighting her up
there she goes!

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