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Monday, February 23, 2015

ALWAYS check the weather before you do an exchange!

Well, hey there!
Here we are again, safe and sound. It has been another crazy week for weather. But I got out of my house this time, so we are all good! It has been quite the week! There has been a lot going on!

Monday: Well, we spent most of the day snowed into the house after the blizzard on Sunday, so that wasn't much fun. But we got to watch a whole bunch of church videos on our itty-bitty DVD player. It was a pretty great P-Day. And after we finally escaped the house, we came right up and sent out last weeks letter, so yeah, that's about all we did. 
Snow on the roof - only 3 -4 feet at the deepest

Tuesday: Oh man, we had a big day planned for Tuesday, but at about 11 O'clock in the morning, we got a phone call from a member saying that he had over 4 feet of snow on his roof, and if it didn't come down it was going to cave in. And so, as soon as we could go, we spent the rest of the day on top of his roof shoveling snow. Never did I think I would have to shovel snow on a roof, but I did it! (BTW, I am going to be super ripped when I come home from all of the snow shoveling that we do here!)
Wednesday: District meeting! Those are always fun. It had to be in Bridgewater again this week, because we had stuff planned that would make travelling hard. After district meeting, we met with some less active members, and went knocking, and did all that fun missionary stuff, you know. And then, as a big topper for the night, we went to the church for all of our Correlation and Ward Council meetings. It was a blast :P
Thursday: I had to drive out to Sackville for a Baptismal Interview. That was pretty fun, my first one! After the interview, we started our exchange with the Sackville Elders. I left my companion in Sackville and took one of the other Elders home with me. For future information, ALWAYS check the weather before you do an exchange! We got back to Bridgweater, and ended up being stuck in our apartment in a blizzard again. Not so much fun! It finally let up at about 6 O'clock, so to try and make it suck a little less, we went out and knocked a little bit (note: it was still snowing, just snowing a little less). As we were out knocking, we got let into this house, and the people were really awesome, and they gave us supper, and talked to us for over an hour. They weren't interested, but it was still a pretty cool story, I have never been given supper by knocking into a house before!
Friday: The second day of our awful exchange. We had really great studies, and then spent the rest of the morning shoveling out of our house. Snow makes for not so fun exchanges! After we finished escaping the house, we went to the church and did 12 weeks, and then went to Hubbards for the switchback. I brought my Elder home, and went right back to shoveling snow for an older lady in our ward. She had a 10 foot snow bank outside her house that was making it impossible to see when she was backing out, so we took our shovels , and cut the thing. down to about 4 feet. Not too shabby. And to finish out the night, we had our weekly games night for the ward at the church. 
Gotta love those Mormon Board Games :P

Saturday: We started out the day by going out to Chester and visiting a less active member out there. He is pretty cool, good guy. The rest of the day was pretty lame. We got stood up for one of our lessons (we were going to be meeting at Tim Hortons, haha, it's a thing to do that :P) and our other lesson texted us to cancel, so we ended up not having any lessons, so that was a bummer... But we got to do some contacting, so that's always a party
Shoveling snow off the roof
Sunday: We actually had church again! That was pretty great! It rained like crazy though, so now everything is all iced over, and more dangerous than the snow, but at least there was church! After church we took the sacrament to an older lady at home, and had a really great visit with her. She has been through so much in her life, and is just incredible. After our visit with her, we went and had supper with the Bishop and his family, they are pretty great. To finish out the night, we went back to the church for a bunch of Skype meetings.
So there, you go, that is my week.
I hope everyone is doing well, and keeping safe in the snow that I hear Southern Utah is getting :P I love yous all!
Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen


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