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Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello Hello!
Sorry, this is the only picture that I took this week.. I'm a worm.... I surprised everyone with a selfie :D

Well, I guess I will start off with the big news, this being Transfer week and all. I am being transferred off the Island, and back to Nova Scotia. I am being sent to the most southern tip of NS, a little place called Yarmouth. I asked one of the Sister Missionaries here in the area who served in Yarmouth back when it was a Sisters area, and she says that it is a little branch of about 30 active members, but there are days when there can be as many as 50 that show up, so not too small at all. Yarmouth is about 3 hours from Bridgewater, which is the second closest missionary area around, so It's just going to be me and my companion for like 250/300 km.... That's so strange... Oh, and also, I've been released as a District Leader, so I'm going to be a normal proselyting missionary down there. I think that's about everything that needs to be said about transfers. 

Yeah, so as for the rest of the week...

I don't have much to talk about this week because ALL (and I'm talking Every.Single.One.) of our appointments fell through this week... So it wasn't all that exciting.

Monday: Hot... it was the first day of the heat wave that hit here. They say that with the humidex, the temperature was like 42C which is like 107F, which is COMPLETELY INSANE FOR THE MERITIMES! This is the kind of weather that kills people in this area because they aren't used to it. It was super crazy and we had to drink tons and tons of water. We had supper with an awesome family from the ward, and then worked for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: Hot.... We dropped off a Bible to someone who requested one online. She didn't want to set up an appointment to meet again, but we gave her our number and contact info so she could get in touch in the future. Other than that, we did a bunch of knocking and street contacting. We did have supper at a members home. It was super funny, they had forgotten that we were coming over, so when we showed up, she shot out and bought a pizza and it all worked out. I love the people here!

Wednesday: Hot.... District Meeting. Same ol' stuff. After District Meeting we had some lessons set up, but they fell though, so we, again, ended up doing a lot of finding for the day. We finished up the night with Ward Mission Correlation. 
Here is the picture from District Meeting that was taken of Elder Algers Camera. I thought you might all like to have it :D

Thursday: Our afternoon appointment fell though, so we ended up street contacting before going in to work at the Soup Kitchen. I love working at the Soup Kitchen.  We had supper out at a members house. They were hosting an achievement days thing for the primary (achievement days is for the boys and girls here...) and we got to tag along for "Dads and Dogs". Campfires and Hot Dogs, it was pretty fantastic :D

Friday: Weekly planning. It is always weird planning for a week that you don't know if you are going to be around for. But, hey, we do it anyways :D Again, lots of finding hours put in... Not much more to say...

Saturday: Saturday we had a ward fireside, so that was pretty fun. It was all about Treck, and the youth here telling their stories about Treck. I enjoyed it. All the young men from Summerside came down, so it was pretty awesome to see them again. We stopped in on a less active couple after the fireside, and we did get to meet with them and read the Book of Mormon. I love those two, they make me so happy. So I guess not all of our Meetings fell though...

Sunday: Transfer Letters. Also, the Stake Presidency was here to speak to the ward, so that was fun. There was a linger-longer after church, and there was at least a little food :P. After that, it was back to finding, right up until YSA Family Home Evening, which was a discussion about the Halifax YSA Conference that the missionaries aren't attending, so we basically just sat there.... #awkward

So yeah, that was pretty much our week. Nothing overly exciting. 

I hope everyone is having a great week. Love you all

Hockey hockey, Moose Moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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