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Monday, August 31, 2015

NOTHING is better than a Nova Scotia Autumn

A few of the Young Men, my companion and I were asked to dress up and come into primary to be "Eye Witnesses" of Jesus's Miracles. It was pretty fun :D

Well... My letter is going to be pretty short today, I don't have my old planner, so I don't remember much of what has happened... I am terrible. My memory is so shot it isn't even funny anymore.

Well, here I am in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Back in good old Nova Scotia South (That's the Zone I'm in). It's beautiful down here, and I'm super excited that I get to be in Nova Scotia for the Fall. NOTHING is better than a Nova Scotia Autumn.  I guess I didn't tell you all too much about my companion or the area, so I will do that this letter, and then I will make sure to update you later about what we have been doing. 

So, my new companion is Elder Keaton Ashby, he is from Bountiful, Utah. (That makes 7 out of my 9 companions from Utah...) (also, I only have 3 more lines in my Preach my Gospel for companions... I am running out of room!) He has been out for just over 10 months, so he came out about two transfers after me. He is a good guy, and we have gotten along pretty well so far.

The area is a lot different than Charlottetown. Yarmouth is small. It's probably the smallest area I have been in so far. The Branch has bout 40 active members and like 20-is of them are children. We meet in a stage one building, which is basically a "Chapel" (it's about the size of a Relief Society room in a Utah church), with a couple of tiny class rooms for the the kids, some washrooms, and a baptismal font... When I first saw it I thought it was the Alton House... It's that small! Well, just a little bigger, I will have to take a picture for you. 

The city itself is really small as well. We have a couple of stores. I think we have two Tim's. A couple of restaurants, and best of all A TACO BELL! It's not the same as as American, but that's okay. It's still Taco Bell. 

I have a slight confession, and I guess this is the time to do it. I have a tie addiction... I am up to about 53 ties. I got a new one from a member as I was leaving Charlottetown. It's beautiful.. It's a Canadian flag, and it's so cool! But... Yeah... Ties... I love them....

I think that's about all I have for this week, I'm sorry my letter was so whimpy! I hope you all have a great week

Hockey Hockey, Moose Moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

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