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Monday, August 17, 2015

That place is so grungy and greasy that you can't help but love it!

Hello again!
Here is a picture of me in the most dramatic pose I could think up... The glasses are my companion's...

Again, I am doing the wise thing and writing this letter first so that I don't end up forgetting and being cast into eternal fire by my mother :P Just kidding, she loves me and wouldn't do that! I guess I will try my hardest to scrounge together some interesting stories to pass out to people.......

They say that 'MURICA is bad? MURITIMES!
Monday: Yeah, last Pday was pretty boring... We had the Montague Elders here, but we couldn't think of anything exciting to actually do... We ate at a little downtown restaurant called Cy's. That place is so grungy and greasy that you can't help but love it! It's one of those nasty hole in the wall kinds of places. Other than that, we couldn't think of anything super exciting to do... We went to Value Village and I bought a bright yellow tie... I counted up my ties, and as of that yellow tie, I now have 52 ties.... and most of them are hideous... I might have to make a donation to a thrift store here... I love having lots of ties, I just wish they all looked good. Ugly ties are not the fashion in CHM (Canada Halifax Mission).... Yeah... That was about it for Monday.

A candidly snapped photo while taking our Facebook cover photo...
Tuesday: We had an awesome lesson with our Chinese investigator. I love that man so much! We are still looking for someone who speaks Chinese so they can check for understanding, but he speaks English pretty well, and was able to draw out the Plan of Salvation and explain it back to us, so we are thinking he gets it. After that, we had a lesson with a Recent Convert, and then went knocking in his neighbourhood. No luck there...after that we went out street contacting. and then had a lesson with a member. That was pretty much our whole day.

Wednesday: District meeting. Always super exciting. After that we went to a lesson with the Sister Missionaries, and we ended up picking up their potential as a new investigator. He is a great guy, and we are excited to work with him. We then had a lesson with some returning members, and then some less active members. We had supper with some awesome members, who are both from Boston, so AMERICA!!!!!! We finished out he night with a lesson with one of our other investigators, and then our weekly ward missionary correlation meeting. 

Burning my 1 year shirt
Thursday: We had a lesson with our new investigator early in the afternoon, and then went and did service at the soup kitchen for most of the day. I love working there, but the people don't really like us... It's such a weird thing, you would think they would be nicer to the people who are feeding them... but whatever, that is their decision. We had supper with some members way out in the boonies, and then finished off the night trying to hunt down some Less Active Memebers.
Elder B. Burning his 6 month tie.
Friday: Weekly Planning, always a blast. Right after weekly planning we had a lesson with our Chinese investigator at the church. In our last meeting he asked if we could start meeting in a place that is less distracting, and if he could have two hour lessons so that he can learn more. We are happy to oblige! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the bible videos on in Chinese. The spirit was AWESOME! He is going to be working towards getting baptized on October 10!  After him, we had a lesson with a less active member at the University. After we went street contacting, and then had some supper. We finished out the night by going to they YSA bonfire and burning our clothes, haha! Good stuff! (We are required by the Mission President to attend all of the YSA activities, so we weren't being apostate!)

Saturday: Saturday all of our appointments ended up falling though, so that was a bummer... We did have supper with some members (again out in the boonies) and they are great! Other than that, not much happened on Saturday. 

Sunday: After Church, we actually ended up spending most of our day working on a presentation for the 5th Sunday lesson that we just got volentold to do.... we are a bit peeved about that, but it's going to work out fine :D We had YSA Family Home Evening at night, and that was about it.

So yeah, that's about tall that happened this week. Just so ya know, it is anticipation week, so I will let you know what happens with transfers next week! 

Love y'all!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, eh?
Elder Nielsen

Elder Batley stole may camera (Also photoed: Kelvin J., Sister Moore, and Kayla Fraser)

One of the sisters took a picture of me and my comp during a correlation meeting... I don't know what's going on, but neither of us look very happy about it...








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