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Monday, October 5, 2015

Lots of General Conference and Candy!

Alright, So, first things first, Blog Letter. That is always an important thing to do.

Yeah... So, Hi :D

Things have been kind of crazy lately. All over the place and crazy, but good, always good.
I will see if I can make up some fun stories for you!

Monday: Pday, like every week. Nothing overly exciting. We cleaned our apartment. That's always good. Now my Mom can walk in there, and I wouldn't be completely embarrassed, so I feel like that is a pretty good standard to live by. After Pday was over, we went out knocking for an hour, and then had a lesson with Joey for the last part of our day, getting him ready for Saturday :D
A Yarmouth Sunset

Tuesday: We did lots of finding on Tuesday. We did just about everything that you could possibly qualify as finding people to teach. Nothing new so far. But, that's okay. We will find people. Again, we ended the night with a lesson with Joey. He is such a great dude, let me just telly you that!

Wednesday: We were in Annapolis Royal for District meeting. Like always, a super fun time. We then did the hour and forty five minute travel back, and got back to work in Yarmouth. Oh, also it was Elder Ashby's Birthday, I guess that is kind of an important detail.... Birthday's are pretty boring on the Mission. Just like every other day. We did have his Birthday supper with a member family. They fed us creamed lobster. Let me tell you, that is probably going to be something that I miss the most about the Meritimes. Lobster. It makes for a happy Elder Nielsen. We were supposed to have a long lesson with Joey, but he got stuck in traffic coming back from Halifax, so we had a twenty minute quick lesson, and set up a lesson for the next morning. 

Thursday: We had an AwEsOmE lesson with Joey, and finished up all of the lessons, so he was ready to go! After the lesson, we went out and did some more finding, and we were supposed to meet with some members, but it fell through. Thursday night was Joey's Baptismal interview, and he passed with flying colours! That was pretty much how we spent our day.

Scrubbing out the font
Friday: Weekly planning got condensed to a really short amount of time because we had a whole bunch of stuff we had to get done, like clean the font and set up the chapel for Conference the next day. The first Friday of the month is Movie Night for the branch, and we watched The Saratov Approach... That was exactly what I needed to watch as a missionary... Haha! 

Saturday: Lot of General Conference and Candy. Let me say, I love Conference. It is so awesome :D After the Saturday Afternoon Session, and before the Priesthood Session, Joey got baptized. It was so awesome. I am so happy for him! He is such an amazing person.
After Joey's Baptism (I didn't get a picture with him in white,
 I had to play prelude....)
He was so happy! He has to wait until next Sunday to get confirmed because of Conference, but that's alright. He is so happy. A lot of his immediate family came, and they were awesome at supporting him. They are all Catholic, so the support meant a lot to him. 

Sunday: Transfer letters. I'm staying in Yarmouth with Elder Ashby, so nothing exciting there. And then Conference! That was basically our whole day. We did go to a Wesleyan church service. That was interesting.  All I'm going to say. But yeah, that was about it.

So there ya go, that was my week!

I hope you all are doing well, have a fantastic week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen


Standing in front of the "Nova Star", the ferry that runs between Portland, Main and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia



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