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my card

Monday, October 26, 2015

It was a pretty good day if you ask me :D

Three Piece Suit Papi Sent Me

Alrighty, so here we are again, time to think up a letter to send this week. I'm really not too good at this... Sorry...

Let's see what I can think up for this week:

Monday: It was a pretty normal pday.. We went shopping, had a lesson with a lady, who we might meet with again sometime in the future. We shall see. We emailed, and did the normal pday things. Nothing overly exciting. After we were done we went out and got back to work. 

Tuesday: It was a pretty normal proselyting day. We went street contacting in the morning, and then did some family history. We did service at the Yarmouth Archives, and then tried to hunt down some of our Less Active YSA. We had supper with some members, went knocking, and had a lesson with a less active member over skype.
Wednesday: We went out to Annapolis Royal for district meeting and ended up staying for a while to do service for some members out there. We actually stayed out there for a lot of the day, and then got some AWESOME pizza from a place called "Sunken Dory's" good stuff! We didn't get back to Yarmouth until about 5:30 and then got to work and went out to find some people. 

Purple Sweater, Tie and Socks - we had a purple day.
Thursday: A lot of going out and talking to people. We had supper with some members, and then spent most of the evening helping Joey move his stuff from his old house to his new one. Not too much exciting on Thursday....

Friday: We had to put off Weekly Planning for a few hours because we went and did service to a lady in the ward. She has a pack of coyote/Wolf hybrids living in the woods behind her house, so she sent us into the back yard to hunt down what they had killed and bag it up so they wouldn't come back for it. We weren't able to find the kill, but they are definitely living back there! We then did our weekly planning. Fun as ever. We had supper with a family of members, they are so much fun! We finished up the night by, again, trying to go find people to talk to.

Saturday: We went down to Barrington to do some work out there. We had lunch with a member who lives out there, and then hunted down some former investigators. No real luck down there. We had to come home early because we were asked to set up the projector for the broadcast of Stake Conference. We got everything set up, just in time to find out that we didn't have the password for the laptop that one of the members left for us to use. It's a good thing nobody but us showed up, because we just ended up watching it on the desktop in the clerks office!
We took all of the coupons, cards, and an lds living pamphlet
and cut out all the faces and made a nice picture, we are alittle strange...

Sunday: Stake conference. We had a pretty good turn out. We spent the rest of the day visiting some shut-ins and sick people. It was a pretty good day if you ask me :D

Well, that puts us as today... Nothing too exciting planned for today, but I will let you know next time if anything happens. 

Love y'all. Have a great week!

Hockey hockey, Moose moose, Maple Leaf, Sorry about that, Eh?
Elder Nielsen

The little bit of snow we got last week.



#throwback to last winter...


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